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Tackling intolerance in Europe with a special focus on Christians

04/12/2014 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

Numerous acts of hostility and violence have been recorded in the recent years against Christians and their places of worship. However, these acts are overlooked by national authorities, the committee has warned.

‘People with disabilities must no longer be treated like second-class citizens’

03/12/2014 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

“People with disabilities must no longer be invisible to the rest of society or treated like second-class citizens. That has to change,” said Carmen Quintanilla, as her report was adopted today.

Istanbul Convention: putting an end to the cycle of violence against women

24/11/2014 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

2014 marked a turning point with the entry into force of the Istanbul Convention, giving a clear sign of the political will of States to prevent and condemn all forms of violence against women,” declared Ms Brasseur.

A year after the death of Pavlos Fyssas in Greece, PACE General Rapporteur hails his legacy

17/09/2014 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

“A year after the atrocious murder of Pavlos Fyssas by right-wing extremists, his memory remains alive,” said PACE's General Rapporteur against Racism and Intolerance Maria Giannakaki.

Violence against LGBT people on the rise: counteraction is urgently needed

16/09/2014 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

“I am deeply disturbed by the grave attacks on the LGBT community in Europe, especially the savage murder of Ekaterina Khomenko, and the attack on a German gay activist in Belgrade,” said Robert Biedroń.

Equality and the crisis: rapporteur makes visit to Greece

10/09/2014 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

Nikolaj Villumsen will make a fact-finding visit to Athens in the context of the preparation of his report on “Equality and the crisis”. He will meet, in particular, the Vice-President of the Hellenic Parliament and the Deputy Minister of Health.

The status of women in the Southern Mediterranean countries: mixed results

09/09/2014 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

Three years after the start of the Arab Spring, the Equality Committee, meeting in Paris, has drawn mixed conclusions about the situation of women in the countries of the southern shore of the Mediterranean.

Focusing on the perpetrators to prevent violence against women

09/09/2014 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

Preventive intervention and treatment programmes for perpetrators of domestic violence and for sex offenders are having a rather positive impact on victim safety and most of those who participate in these programmes would not reoffend.

Entry into force of the Istanbul Convention: declaration by José Mendes Bota

01/08/2014 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

Today, the Council of Europe Convention on the prevention and fight against violence against women and domestic violence enters into force in 11 member States. It is a historic day for women's rights, said José Mendes Bota.

Maria Giannakaki, General rapporteur on combating racism and intolerance

01/08/2014 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

Maria Giannakaki was appointed General rapporteur on combating racism and intolerance in April 2014. She has the responsibility to intervene in the area of racism, intolerance, hate speech, racist violence and racial discrimination.

The Istanbul Convention, a milestone for the protection of women from violence

30/07/2014 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

The Istanbul Convention, which will enter into force on 1 August, is the most comprehensive instrument aiming at protecting women from violence,” said Gisela Wurm, in a press conference on 28 July in Vienna.

A suitable legal framework is needed to tackle effectively violence against women

30/07/2014 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

Despite efforts to support structures for prevention of violence against women and support to victims, the phenomenon cannot be tackled effectively in the absence of a suitable legal framework,” today said Ms Giannakaki