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Daniel Mitov: 'Recent attacks have strengthened our determination to combat terrorism'

27/11/2015 | Standing Committee

"The first statement I made in my capacity as Chairman of the Committee of Ministers was a message of sympathy and support for the French population and its authorities in this terrible ordeal," Daniel Mitov said today.

PACE encourages courts to go online

27/11/2015 | Standing Committee

PACE has given its backing to online dispute resolution (ODR), as well as other innovative uses of information technology, as a way of improving individuals’ access to justice.

PACE says that 'nobody should die in detention'

27/11/2015 | Standing Committee

PACE Standing Committee, meeting in Sofia, today said that “nobody should die in detention” and recalled the right to equivalent medical care for detainees.

Maximise the benefits of migration between China and Europe

27/11/2015 | Standing Committee

PACE proposed a set of measures, in order to maximise the benefits of migration between China and Europe. It called on member States to sign bilateral agreements with China on social security, education and other integration-related issues.

A new Convention to combat violence inside and outside stadiums

27/11/2015 | Standing Committee

The Assembly today welcomed the initiative of the Committee of Ministers in drawing up a Council of Europe Convention on an Integrated Safety, Security and Service Approach at Football Matches and Other Sports Events.

Violence against women is a gross violation of human rights

27/11/2015 | Standing Committee

Adopting unanimously a report prepared by Sahiba Gafarova, the Standing Committee stressed that all violence against women is a form of discrimination and a gross violation of human rights.

Standing Committee meets in Sofia as Bulgaria takes over CoE Chairmanship

19/11/2015 | Standing Committee

The Standing Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly will meet in Sofia on Friday 27 November, in the context of the Bulgarian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers (November 2015-May 2016).

PACE will support the priorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina

22/05/2015 | Standing Committee

Anne Brasseur has congratulated Bosnia and Herzegovina on taking up the Chairmanship of the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers, describing the Chairmanship as "an opportunity, a challenge and a responsibility".

PACE votes to allocate more seats to Turkey

22/05/2015 | Standing Committee

PACE has voted to increase the number of seats allocated to Turkey from 12 to 18 to reflect its increased population, given that the country now has the third-largest population in Europe.

Including children's rights in national constitutions to strengthen child policies

22/05/2015 | Standing Committee

The Standing Committee has urged the member States to update their constitutional and legislative frameworks for protecting children's rights and include those rights in their national constitutions.

Irregular migrants are not 'illegal'

22/05/2015 | Standing Committee

PACE has condemned increasingly restrictive migration policies, increased social exclusion and limited access to human and social rights for migrants on the European continent.

PACE calls for destruction of cultural sites to be considered 'a crime against humanity'

22/05/2015 | Standing Committee

PACE has called on Council of Europe member States to consolidate the notion that systematic, deliberate and targeted destruction and looting of cultural property be considered a crime against humanity.