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Armenian election generally well-administered and fundamental freedoms respected, but some key concerns remain

19/02/2013 | Election observation

Armenia’s presidential election was generally well-administered and was characterized by a respect for fundamental freedoms, including those of assembly and expression, concluded the international election observation mission in a statement released today. At the same time, a lack of impartiality on the part of the public administration and the misuse of administrative resources resulted in a blurring of the distinction between the activities of the state and those of the ruling party, the statement said.

The international election observation mission in Armenia to hold press conference on Tuesday

15/02/2013 | Election observation

The international election observation mission monitoring the presidential elections in Armenia will present its preliminary post-election statement at a press conference on Tuesday, 19 February, in Yerevan.

PACE to observe the presidential election in Armenia

14/02/2013 | Election observation

A 22-member delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), led by Karin Woldseth (Norway, EDG), will travel to Armenia from 16 to 19 February to observe the conduct of the presidential election, alongside observers from, in particular, the European Parliament and the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR).

Monaco: elections were free, after a very tense election campaign, PACE observers say

11/02/2013 | Election observation

On 10 February 2013 Monegasques chose their representatives freely from among three lists of candidates for the National Council of the Principality of Monaco, according to a six-member delegation of observers from the PACE.

PACE to observe parliamentary elections in Monaco

04/02/2013 | Election observation

The authorities of the Principality of Monaco have invited the PACE to observe the parliamentary elections taking place on 10 February. A six-member PACE delegation headed by Piotr Wach (Poland, EPP/CD) is to visit Monaco from 8 to 11 February to observe these elections, along with experts from the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR).

Armenia: PACE pre-electoral delegation told of efforts to organise democratic elections but concerned about...

17/01/2013 | Election observation

The intention of the Armenian authorities to organise an election fully in line with international standards has been welcomed by a PACE delegation visiting the country to assess the pre-electoral climate ahead of the 18 February presidential election.

PACE delegation makes pre-electoral visit in Armenia

14/01/2013 | Election observation

A five-member PACE delegation, led by Karin Woldseth (Norway, EDG), will carry out a pre-electoral visit to Yerevan on 16-17 January 2013, to assess the electoral framework and campaign prior to the presidential elections of 18 February 2013 in Armenia.

Observers’ final report: Ukraine’s parliamentary elections ‘marred by a tilted playing field’

30/11/2012 | Election observation

The 28 October parliamentary elections in Ukraine were marred by a tilted playing field, which contributed to the dominance of the major economic and financial groups, according to the final report of PACE’s election observers, made public today and debated by the Standing Committee.

Observers’ final report: Montenegro’s parliamentary elections peaceful and pluralistic, but some issues...

30/11/2012 | Election observation

The 14 October early parliamentary elections in Montenegro “took place in a peaceful and pluralistic environment with respect for fundamental rights” and citizens made their choice freely from a large number of political parties, according to the final report of PACE’s observers, made public today and debated by the Standing Committee.

Georgia: elections democratic despite antagonistic campaign, according to observers’ final report

30/11/2012 | Election observation

Despite a very tense and polarised campaign, the parliamentary elections in Georgia on 1 October 2012 were generally conducted “in a democratic manner and in line with European standards and Council of Europe commitments,” according to the PACE observers’ final report debated by the Standing Committee in Andorra today.

Ukrainian elections marred by lack of level playing field, say international observers

29/10/2012 | Election observation

Ukraine’s parliamentary elections were characterized by a tilted playing field, the international observers concluded in a statement released today. This was the result, primarily, of the abuse of administrative resources, as well as a lack of transparency in campaign and party financing and of balanced media coverage.

International observers prepare to deploy across Ukraine

26/10/2012 | Election observation

The heads of the parliamentary delegations of the OSCE, Council of Europe, European Parliament and NATO, and of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) election observation mission today met in Kyiv to begin the final phase of the international election observation mission.