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Parliamentary elections in Ukraine: an important step in consolidating democracy

18/11/2014 | Standing Committee

The Standing Committee, meeting in Brussels, considers that the early parliamentary elections in Ukraine mark “an important step in consolidating democratic elections in line with international commitments”.

Call for measures to overcome situations of poverty and social exclusion

18/11/2014 | Standing Committee

PACE Standing Committee, meeting in Brussels, today called on European governments for measures to overcome situations of poverty, social exclusion and marginalisation.

Adjusting policies by taking account of well-being indicators

18/11/2014 | Standing Committee

The Standing Committee urged governments to adjust their policies through well-being indicators. The resolution specifies that these indicators concern notably access to decent work, housing and public services.

Elections in Bulgaria: voter confidence undermined by allegations of corruption

18/11/2014 | Standing Committee

The Standing Committee expresses concern about allegations from all sides of vote buying and selling and other election irregularities, which had a negative effect on voter confidence.

Alternatives to Europe's refugee collective centres

18/11/2014 | Standing Committee

There is an urgent need for governments to take the necessary steps to resolve the problems that exist in Europe's refugee collective centres, particularly with regard to the quality of housing, the PACE said.

Resettlement of refugees: promoting greater solidarity

18/11/2014 | Standing Committee

It is estimated that there are 691 000 refugees in need of resettlement in 2014. It is therefore time to increase and more efficiently process resettlement programmes in Europe, the Assembly said.

PACE calls for ‘treatment programmes’ for sex offenders

18/11/2014 | Standing Committee

The Standing Committee has called for “treatment programmes” for perpetrators of domestic violence and for sex offenders – provided they do not come at the expense of assistance for victims of violence.

Standing Committee meets in Brussels as Belgium takes over CoE Chairmanship

10/11/2014 | Standing Committee

The PACE Standing Committee will meet in Brussels on Tuesday 18 November at the Federal Parliament, in the context of the Belgian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers (13 November 2014-May 2015).

Elections in Serbia: the Law on the Financing of Political Activities must be improved

23/05/2014 | Standing Committee

The PACE believes that the early parliamentary elections were conducted on a sound legal basis and offered voters a genuine choice. The report by Pedro Agramunt states that fundamental freedoms were upheld.

PACE calls for prolongation of the ONE in FIVE Campaign

23/05/2014 | Standing Committee

In line with the proposals made by Valeriu Ghiletchi, PACE made two recommendations to the Committee of Ministers: prolong the ONE in FIVE Campaign for one year and institute a European Day to fight sexual violence against children.

Establishing a transition category for young migrants reaching the age of majority

23/05/2014 | Standing Committee

At today's meeting in Baku, the Standing Committee proposed that member States establish a transition category, between the ages of 18 and 25, for unaccompanied migrant children who reach the age of majority.

Green light for new treaty to stamp out ‘match-fixing’

23/05/2014 | Standing Committee

PACE has given its green light to a new Council of Europe treaty which will result in new laws to crack down on “match-fixing”, illegal betting and other forms of corruption in sport, calling for it to enter into force swiftly.