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Bucharest: Regional Conference on violence against women and the Istanbul Convention

21/11/2013 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

Parliamentarians from Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Republic of Moldova and Serbia will gather in Bucharest on 25 November on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

First Pride march in Podgorica ‘an important step forward’

21/10/2013 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

“Yesterday’s holding of a Pride march for the first time in Montenegro’s capital was an important step forward,” said Robert Biedroń (Poland, SOC), PACE General Rapporteur on the rights of LGBT people.

Call for online co-operation to curb sexual exploitation in cyberspace

17/10/2013 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

To fight trafficking in human beings, we must also curb demand including in cyberspace said José Mendes Bota, General Rapporteur on violence against women, speaking on the eve of the 7th EU Anti-Trafficking Day.

Does rehabilitation of perpetrators of violence work?

03/10/2013 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

At a hearing on “Violence against women: does the rehabilitation of perpetrators work?”, Frédéric Matwies, author of the book “Il y avait un monstre en moi” related the ten years of violence which he inflicted on his ex-partner.

Alarm at the spreading of racism and intolerance in Europe

03/10/2013 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

The Sub-Committee on Racism and Xenophobia expresses deep concern at the increase in manifestations of racism throughout Europe. No country is immune to this phenomenon.

Prevention of violence against women: fresh dynamism

02/10/2013 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

2013 will have been a turning point in the prevention of violence against women: the political impetus given by the United Nations has allowed a fresh dynamism.

Robert Biedroń, General rapporteur on the rights of LGBT people

02/10/2013 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

The Committee unanimously appointed Robert Biedroń as General rapporteur on the rights of LGBT people, replacing Håkon Haugli. In an interview, Mr Biedroń explains his role and and the priorities of his mandate...

Committee tackles protection of minorities and language rights at Madrid hearing

17/09/2013 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

The members of PACE’s Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination discussed the situation of minorities and the protection of language rights at a hearing in Madrid today.

Trafficking in human beings and sexual exploitation in Spain

16/09/2013 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

Jorge Fernández Díaz, Spanish Minister of the Interior, said that he considered the fight against trafficking in human beings as one of the priorities of his Ministry at the meeting of the Network and the Committee in Madrid.

Stop homophobic legislation in the Russian Federation

06/09/2013 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

Håkon Haugli, General rapporteur on the rights of LGBT people, made the following statement: “A wave of homophobic propaganda is hitting the Russian Federation, forming the basis of new laws and law proposals..."

Committee proposes to qualify stalking as a criminal offence

24/06/2013 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

In order to tackle stalking effectively, the report by Gisela Wurm, which was adopted by the Committee on Equality and Non-discrimination, recommends that stalking should be considered a criminal offence.

"Prejudice against LGBTs has been turned into law in Russia"

11/06/2013 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

"The Duma has today turned prejudice against LGBTs into law," said Hakon Haugli, rapporteur on ‘Tackling discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity’, commenting on the Duma’s unanimous adoption of a law.