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Parliamentary accountability: a matter of ethics or politics?

18/05/2016 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

“Parliamentary responsibility is a fundamental concept for the smooth functioning of any representative democracy,” Michele Nicoletti said, introducing a joint seminar on parliamentary accountability today in Rome.

Ensuring respect for ECHR norms: parliamentary structures to supervise compliance

18/05/2016 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

Speaking at a seminar in Rome, Paul Mahoney, Judge of the European Court of Human Rights with respect to the United Kingdom mentioned the utility of parliamentary action in ensuring respect for ECHR norms.

Strengthening human rights protection through a positive relationship with national parliaments

17/05/2016 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

In a meeting in Rome, Michele Nicoletti referred to the need for a positive relationship between national parliaments and the Council of Europe to extend the scope of human rights protection and secure the independence of the judiciary.

Committee denounces abuse of administrative detention

17/05/2016 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

The committee expressed concern that administrative detention has been abused to punish political opponents, obtain confessions in the absence of a lawyer, or for stifling peaceful protest.

Two PACE committees to meet in Rome

12/05/2016 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

The Committees on Legal Affairs and Rules of Procedure of the Parliamentary Assembly will meet on 17 and 18 May 2016 at the Palazzo Montecitorio in Rome, at the invitation of the Italian delegation to PACE.

Belarus: rapporteurs strongly condemn another execution

09/05/2016 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

Meritxell Mateu, general rapporteur on the abolition of the death penalty, and Andrea Rigoni, rapporteur on the situation in Belarus, strongly condemn another execution carried out in Belarus.

Call on Russian lawmakers to align NGO law with international legal standards

04/05/2016 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

"I am concerned about the Duma’s proposal to further amend the Federal Law on Non-Commercial Organisations", said Yves Cruchten, rapporteur on 'How can inappropriate restrictions on NGO activities in Europe be prevented?'

Committee points to ‘climate of pervading fear’ in Chechen Republic

19/04/2016 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

The committee has pointed to “a climate of pervading fear in an atmosphere of personalisation of power” in the Chechen Republic and said that recommendations it made remain “largely unimplemented”.

‘Ukraine must remain high on our agenda’

19/04/2016 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

Participants at a joint Parliamentary Assembly hearing on “The conflict in Eastern Ukraine: political and human rights concerns” agreed that it was important to keep the situation in Ukraine high on the agenda.

Rapporteurs concerned by the suspension of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis

14/04/2016 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

Two rapporteurs have expressed concern at the suspension, by the Prosecutor installed in Crimea by the Russian Federation, of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatars, the executive body of the Tatar people.

PACE rapporteurs in eastern Ukraine worried about worsening security situation

08/04/2016 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

Marieluise Beck and Kristýna Zelienková, ending a four-day fact-finding visit to Kiyv, Mariupol and Dnipropetrovsk, have expressed their concern at the renewed deterioration of the security situation along the contact line.

Human rights violations in Eastern Ukraine and political consequences of the conflict: rapporteurs to visit...

01/04/2016 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

PACE rapporteurs Marieluise Beck and Kristýna Zelienková will make a joint fact-finding visit to Kyiv, Mariupol and Dnipropetrovsk from 4 to 7 April, in the context of the preparation of their respective reports.