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Spring session: addresses by the Prime Ministers of Armenia and Georgia

05/04/2019 | Session

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe holds its spring session in Strasbourg on 8 to 12 April 2019, with addresses expected by the Prime Ministers of Armenia and Georgia.

Deprivation of nationality as an anti-terror measure may be ‘at odds with human rights’

25/01/2019 | Session

The deprivation of nationality in the context of counter-terrorism strategies is “a drastic measure which can be extremely socially divisive” and may be “at odds with human rights”, according to PACE.

Improving follow-up to CPT recommendations

25/01/2019 | Session

PACE called the national parliaments to react promptly to CPT reports concerning their country, by holding their governments to account for the timely implementation of CPT recommendations.

PACE urges Russia to release Ukrainian servicemen, ensure free passage in the Sea of Azov and Kerch Strait

24/01/2019 | Session

The Parliamentary Assembly has urged Russia to immediately release Ukrainian servicemen, to ensure freedom of passage in the Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait, and to refrain from violence in the area.

Safeguarding the rights of persons belonging to national minorities

24/01/2019 | Session

The Assembly reiterated its appeal to all member States “to respond positively and pay close attention to the needs of persons belonging to national minorities and to safeguard their rights”.

PACE reviews progress of states under monitoring in 2018

24/01/2019 | Session

Adopting a resolution on the basis of a report by Sir Roger Gale which take stock of the monitoring activities in 2018, the Assembly welcomed progress made or expressed concern, as well as making specific recommendations.

The situation of opposition politicians in Turkey is worsening, says PACE

24/01/2019 | Session

Following an urgent debate, PACE noted 'the worsening of the situation of opposition politicians in Turkey' and called on the Turkish authorities to respect fully their rights and freedoms of expression, association and assembly.

Thorbjørn Jagland: Russian people would suffer most if Russia leaves the Council of Europe

23/01/2019 | Session

The Council of Europe Secretary General urged the Parliamentary Assembly and the Committee of Ministers to sit down and work concretely on clarifying the rules and the distribution of power between the two organs.

“Holocaust remembrance must continue to guide our efforts”

23/01/2019 | Session

“Holocaust remembrance must continue to guide our efforts, particularly as this year marks the 70th anniversary of the Council of Europe, whose mission is still relevant today," said the PACE President.

‘Peace is the most important contribution we can make to human rights’, says Sauli Niinistö

23/01/2019 | Session

“At the end of the day, peace is the most important contribution we can make to human rights. Everything else comes after that,” said the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö, addressing the Assembly today.

Consolidating media freedom as a pillar of democratic elections

23/01/2019 | Session

“Media freedom is an essential condition for democratic elections; the media must be free to inform the public without political or economic pressure,” the Parliamentary Assembly said today.

Public service media can counteract information disorder

23/01/2019 | Session

In the new media environment, where the dissemination of disinformation, propaganda or hate speech is growing, public service media are well placed to counteract the phenomenon of information disorder, the Assembly said today.