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Stockholm attack: President condemns heinous act

07/04/2017 | President

“I would like to express my shock and sadness at today’s heinous attack in Stockholm, and strongly condemn those who carried this out,” Parliamentary Assembly President Pedro Agramunt said.

Majority-opposition interaction: a litmus test of the good functioning of a democracy

06/04/2017 | President

“The interaction between majority and opposition in parliament is the litmus test of the good functioning of a democracy,” said Pedro Agramunt, at the opening of an international conference, organised in Bucharest by the Venice Commission.

President condemns the bombing on the St Petersburg metro

03/04/2017 | President

PACE President Pedro Agramunt has strongly condemned the terrorist attack carried out today on the St Petersburg metro, said to have caused at least 10 deaths with dozens reportedly wounded.

Malta: ‘a strong voice for the human rights of the most vulnerable’

31/03/2017 | President

Speaking at the end of his official visit to Malta (29-30 March), Pedro Agramunt, praised Malta's commitment to the Council of Europe’s values and standards and for being a strong voice for the human rights of the most vulnerable

‘Inclusion and integration are the key to combat radicalisation’

28/03/2017 | President

"Inclusion and integration are the key to combat radicalisation leading to terrorism", PACE President said today addressing in Saint Petersburg the International Parliamentary Conference on Combating Terrorism.

‘We must continue our dialogue, focusing on issues of mutual interest', President says in St Petersburg

27/03/2017 | President

Addressing the press in St Petersburg, the PACE President this morning referred to the relationship between the Assembly and the Russian Parliament, expressing his conviction that dialogue must continue.

President to the CIS Assembly: 'We pursue the same objectives'

27/03/2017 | President

Addressing the Inter-parliamentary Assembly of member nations of the CIS, the PACE President today welcomed the close co-operation developed during the last 20 years between the two bodies.

President makes official visit to Malta

24/03/2017 | President

PACE President Pedro Agramunt is to make an official visit to Malta from 29 to 30 March. He will meet notably with the President of the Republic, the Speaker of the Parliament and the Prime Minister.

President to attend CIS Interparliamentary Assembly plenary in Saint Petersburg

23/03/2017 | President

PACE President Pedro Agramunt will take part in the 46th Plenary Session of the Interparliamentary Assembly of the Commonwealth of Independent States (IPA-CIS) in Saint Petersburg on 27 March.

President reacts to terrorist incident at Westminster

22/03/2017 | President

“I strongly deplore today’s serious terrorist incident at Westminster, the home of British democracy, which comes exactly a year after the Brussels attacks,” said PACE President Pedro Agramunt.

"Montenegro is making steady progress on the path of European integration"

17/03/2017 | President

Pedro Agramunt congratulated Montenegro on the progress made in the implementation of the country’s obligations and commitments to the Council of Europe during the ten years of membership in the Organisation.

President: “We will not let terrorism take our hope that we can live together without hate”

11/03/2017 | President

“Today we have the opportunity to pay our respects to victims of terrorism wherever they are from, whatever their nationality, whatever their creed", said Pedro Agramunt on the Day of Remembrance of victims of terrorism.