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Michele Nicoletti from Italy elected new PACE President

22/01/2018 | President

Michele Nicoletti (Italy, SOC) was today elected President of the PACE. Taking over from Stella Kyriakides (Cyprus, EPP/CD), he is the 31st President of the Assembly since 1949 and the second Italian to hold this office.

Stella Kyriakides: "bridging the gaps by showing more solidarity"

31/12/2017 | President

"2017 has been a year of extraordinary challenges for the Council of Europe. Now, as we approach 2018, we need to take stock of where we are and to provide hope for the coming year", PACE President Stella Kyriakides said.

‘Open and honest dialogue with Russian parliamentarians,’ PACE President reports

15/12/2017 | President

Following a meeting of the Presidential Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly with members of the Russian Parliament in Paris on 14 December 2017, Stella Kyriakides reported that discussions had been 'open and honest'.

President, ending visit, calls for greater European solidarity towards Greece

06/12/2017 | President

Stella Kyriakides has recognised the great efforts Greece continues to make to cope with the massive influx of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers, and called for greater solidarity among European States.

PACE President makes official visit to Greece

01/12/2017 | President

Stella Kyriakides is to make an official visit to Greece from 5 to 6 December 2017. She will meet the President of the Republic, the Speaker of Parliament and the Prime Minister, among others.

Stella Kyriakides: 'Co-operation and dialogue are needed to overcome the problems we are facing'

24/11/2017 | President

Addressing the PACE Standing Committee today in Copenhagen, at the invitation of the Folketing, Stella Kyriakides said the Danish Chairmanship was beginning at a "crucial moment" for the Council of Europe.

Attack in Egypt: 'We must stand firm against the threat of terrorism'

24/11/2017 | President

“I’m appalled by the loss of life of so many innocent people following the bomb attack targeting a mosque in Egypt's North Sinai province. We must stand firm against the threat of terrorism,” said PACE President Stella Kyriakides.

Sexual violence and harassment of women: wave of testimonies only tip of the iceberg

22/11/2017 | President

"Sexual harassment, rape and domestic abuse of women are the relics of a society based on unequal power relations between women and men. It is high time for shame and fear to switch sides,” Stella Kyriakides said today.

Stella Kyriakides: 'keeping children safe online is our responsibility'

17/11/2017 | President

Stella Kyriakides has issued a call for stronger action to protect children from sexual exploitation online – highlighting a new set of guidelines, due next year, that Council of Europe member States will be asked to abide by.

Stella Kyriakides: ‘Child protection and well-being must remain our priority’

06/11/2017 | President

“My first working visit abroad as President of the Assembly, reflects my determination to continue to make child protection and well-being one of the Assembly’s priorities,” said Stella Kyriakides.

President welcomes the release of Crimean Tatar leaders Akhtem Chiygoz and Ilmi Umerov

26/10/2017 | President

Following the release of Crimean Tatar leaders Akhtem Chiygoz and Ilmi Umerov, the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Stella Kyriakides, today made the following statement.

"Lanzarote Convention has contributed to making a difference in children’s lives"

26/10/2017 | President

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Lanzarote Convention, PACE President praised the Convention as an important milestone towards better protection of children in the modern world.