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Belarus: the Nordic Council wants to keep contact with both members of the opposition and human rights...

22/11/2013 | Standing Committee

"Following the events after the presidential election in Belarus in 2010, the Nordic Council has suspended contact with the regime," said Marit Nybakk, President of the Nordic Council, addressing the Standing Committee in Vienna today.

Common standards for forced returns of irregular migrants and failed asylum seekers

22/11/2013 | Standing Committee

Europe urgently needs to draw up common standards for treating the estimated 300,000 irregular migrants and failed asylum seekers who are forced to return to their home countries every year.

Georgia’s successful Presidential election ‘an important achievement for the country’

22/11/2013 | Standing Committee

Georgia’s October Presidential election was “efficiently administered, transparent and took place in an amicable and constructive environment,” according to a report debated today by the Standing Committee.

Azerbaijan: fundamental freedoms still a serious concern

22/11/2013 | Standing Committee

Although describing the electoral process observed around the presidential election day in Azerbaijan (9 October 2013) as “free, fair and transparent”, PACE observers consider that fundamental freedoms remain “a serious concern” in the country.

Stepping up international co-operation in combating drug traffic from Afghanistan

22/11/2013 | Standing Committee

In a resolution adopted by the Standing Committee, the Assembly called on Council of Europe members to engage in “more active and efficient international co-operation” in combating drug traffic from Afghanistan.

Opening Council of Europe conventions to non-member States

22/11/2013 | Standing Committee

The Standing Committee, examining a report by Rafael Huseynov, recalls that the majority of Council of Europe conventions are open to non-member States, but few of them have availed themselves of this opportunity.

Opinion on the draft Convention against Trafficking in Human Organs

22/11/2013 | Standing Committee

In order to strengthen “the constructive criticism the Assembly needs to send”, the Standing Committee adopted amendments to the opinion on the draft Council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in Human Organs.

Draft Convention on organ trafficking: the criminal aspects take precedence over prevention

22/11/2013 | Standing Committee

PACE Standing Committee welcomed the draft Council of Europe Convention against trafficking in human organs, but regretted that the text focuses on the criminal aspects rather than on prevention and co-operation.

2013: a turning point in combating violence against women

22/11/2013 | Standing Committee

“2013 will prove to have been a turning point in combating violence against women,” said José Mendes Bota ahead of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Large metropolises as democratic ‘laboratories’

22/11/2013 | Standing Committee

Unanimously adopting a resolution on "Good governance of large metropolises", the Standing Committee invited all member States of the Council of Europe to continue to promote good governance at all levels of government.

New guidelines for conduct of PACE members

22/11/2013 | Standing Committee

The Standing Committee has laid down new guidelines for the conduct of members of the Assembly, who should now be asked to “conduct themselves in a courteous, polite and respectful manner” during debates.

Standing Committee to meet in Vienna

18/11/2013 | Standing Committee

The meeting of the Standing Committee will be held in Vienna at the Austrian Parliament on Friday 22 November 2013 under the Austrian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers. The meeting is open to the press.