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A rapporteur to make fact-finding visit to Romania and Montenegro on critically ill detainees in Europe

22/05/2015 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

PACE rapporteur Andreas Gross will travel successively to Romania and to Montenegro for a fact-finding visit, in the context of the preparation of his report on “The fate of critically ill detainees in Europe”.

Urgent measures to combat judicial corruption

19/05/2015 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

Corruption among judges undermines the foundations of the rule of law, severely impedes the protection of human rights and, according to the committee, reduces public trust in the integrity of the judiciary in some member States.

Rapporteur on mass surveillance reacts to revelations of collusion between NSA and BND

04/05/2015 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

The BND/NSA scandal breaking in Berlin is a case in point of why an 'Intelligence Codex', laying down the rules of fair play applicable to the secret services of like-minded countries, is urgently needed, Pieter Omtzigt stressed today.

Legal Affairs Committee appalled by the conviction of a prominent Azeri human rights lawyer

23/04/2015 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

The committee condemns in strongly the conviction of Intigam Aliyev, a famous Azerbaijani human rights lawyer, who was sentenced to seven years and six months of imprisonment by the Baku Grave Crimes Court.

PACE rapporteur to Indonesian Government: ‘Cease executions’

22/04/2015 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

“I am worried by the decision of Indonesia’s Supreme Court to refuse the final appeal of Serge Atlaoui, condemned to death for drug trafficking in 2005, who has consistently declared his innocence,” said Ms Karamanli.

PACE committee shocked by severity of sentence on Azeri human rights activist Rasul Jafarov

21/04/2015 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

The committee has condemned the conviction of Rasul Jafarov, a prominent Azerbaijani civil society activist, and is shocked by the severity of the sentence pronounced upon him by the Baku Grave Crimes Court.

Nebraska: general rapporteur welcomes lawmakers’ vote to abolish the death penalty

17/04/2015 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

PACE general rapporteur, Marietta Karamanli, has welcomed the very clear vote in the Nebraska Legislature in favour of replacing capital punishment with life imprisonment for first-degree murder.

Rapporteur to MEPs: ‘Let’s work together on human rights’

14/04/2015 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

The PACE rapporteur Michael McNamara has appealed for MEPs’ help in encouraging the European Union to work more closely with the Council of Europe to uphold human rights.

Human Rights Sub-Committee Chairperson worried about CPT public statement concerning Bulgaria

30/03/2015 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

The Chairperson of the Sub-Committee on Human Rights, Meritxell Mateu Pi says she is deeply worried about the public statement by the Committee for the Prevention of Torture on Bulgaria.

PACE rapporteur criticizes prolonged detention of former Tbilisi mayor

20/03/2015 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

Pedro Agramunt, PACE rapporteur on “Abuse of pre-trial detention in Council of Europe member states” has criticized the prolongation of pre-trial detention of former Tbilisi mayor Giorgi Ugulava.

Death penalty: concern at the latest events in Belarus and Russia

20/03/2015 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

Marietta Karamanli, PACE general rapporteur on abolition of the death penalty, condemned the death sentence issued by the Rechytsa district court against Siarhei Ivanou at the end of a trial which had been held in camera.

Call for protection of whistleblowers in national security-related fields

18/03/2015 | Legal Affairs and Human Rights

Council of Europe member states and the EU should enact whistleblower protection laws also covering employees of national security and of private firms, PACE committee concluded today at a meeting in Paris.