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Rapporteurs deeply concerned about law that allows Russia to ignore decisions of the ECHR

18/12/2015 | Monitoring

Theodora Bakoyannis and Liliane Maury Pasquier expressed deep concern about the signing into force by President Putin of the law that would allow the Constitutional Court of Russia to decide not to implement judgements by the ECHR.

Turkey: rapporteurs question arrests of leading journalists

27/11/2015 | Monitoring

Co-rapporteurs for post-monitoring dialogue with Turkey have questioned the arrests of two prominent journalists, Can Dündar and Erdem Gül, as well as the eight-year sentence facing Bülent Keneş for "insulting the President".

PACE rapporteurs, ending visit, praise Montenegro’s stabilising role but list areas needing further action

20/11/2015 | Monitoring

At the end of a fact-finding visit to Podgorica, Terry Leyden and Ionut Marian Stroe, co-rapporteurs for post-monitoring dialogue with Montenegro, have welcomed the continuing positive role played by the country in stabilising the region.

PACE co-rapporteurs to make fact-finding visit to Montenegro

13/11/2015 | Monitoring

Terry Leyden and Ionut Marian Stroe, PACE co-rapporteurs for the post-monitoring dialogue with Montenegro, will make a fact-finding visit to the country from 17 to 20 November 2015.

Albania: a rapporteur expresses deep concern over proposal on criminalisation of defamation

12/11/2015 | Monitoring

Andrej Hunko, monitoring rapporteur for Albania, has expressed his surprise at the draft amendments to the criminal code regarding “Defamation towards senior officials or elected officials.”

Georgia monitors deeply concerned by court decision allowing change of management at Rustavi 2

06/11/2015 | Monitoring

"This decision in effect allows for a change of editorial policy at Rustavi 2, while the appeals process is on-going. This unduly impacts the pluralism of the media environment in Georgia," the co-rapporteurs said.

Albania: call for the continuation of reforms

03/11/2015 | Monitoring

The co-rapporteurs welcomed the expressed political determination of the majority and the opposition to continue their co-operation to implement the 2014 agreement, which was of crucial importance for the political stability of the country.

Georgia: co-rapporteurs urge all political forces to find a compromise on election system before the next...

19/10/2015 | Monitoring

At the end of their fact-finding visit to Tbilisi, the co-rapporteurs for Georgia, Boriss Cilevics and Kerstin Lundgren, urged the ruling majority and opposition to find a mutually acceptable compromise on the electoral system.

Monaco’s working group on the European Social Charter welcomed

14/10/2015 | Monitoring

"I welcome the decision of the Monegasque authorities to set up a technical working group about the revised European Social Charter,“ said Jordi Xuclà speaking on his return from a visit to the Principality.

PACE monitors to visit Georgia

09/10/2015 | Monitoring

Boriss Cilevics and Kerstin Lundgren, co-rapporteurs for the monitoring of Georgia by the PACE, are to make a three-day fact-finding visit to Tbilisi from 12 to 14 October 2015.

Monaco: visit by former PACE rapporteur on post-monitoring dialogue

09/10/2015 | Monitoring

Jordi Xuclà, former rapporteur on post-monitoring dialogue with Monaco, will travel to the Principality, on behalf of the Monitoring Committee, for a fact-finding visit on the follow-up of the implementation of PACE Resolution 2052 (2015).

Andorra ‘honouring its Council of Europe obligations overall’

01/10/2015 | Monitoring

Andorra is 'honouring its obligations to the Council of Europe overall' and has made “important reforms” to increase economic and fiscal transparency, but should do more to guarantee the independence of the media.