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PACE Secretary General at the inauguration of the exhibition "The Red Dress"

The 'Red Dress', an artistic platform for women around the world to tell their personal stories through...

23/01/2023 | Session

PACE President Tiny Kox, Marija Pejčinović Burić, Secretary General of the Council of Europe, and Beatrice Fresko-Rolfo (Monaco, ALDE), Vice-President of the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination, today inaugurated the exhibition ‘The Red Dress’, organised during the parliamentary session...

10 December - International Human Rights Day

10 December - Human Rights Day: the Istanbul Convention saves lives. It’s time to ratify and implement it...

09/12/2022 | President

“Every year, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, 25 November, many events and demonstrations are held throughout the world to support the fundamental right of women and girls to live their lives free from violence,” declared PACE President Tiny Kox today, at...

Handicap / Day

Promoting innovation for the inclusion of persons with disabilities

02/12/2022 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

On the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (3 December 2022), PACE Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination adopted the following statement: “The war of aggression against Ukraine, the Covid-19 pandemic and their consequences have brought with them multiple new...

Petra Bayr (Austria, SOC)

Call for concerted international action to sanction conflict-related sexual violence

01/12/2022 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

Conflict-related sexual violence, “which can be a constitutive element of genocide”, is a preventable phenomenon, which can be combated through “concerted international action, protective national policies and strictly enforced punishment for perpetrators”, PACE’s Committee on Equality and Non...

Petra Stienen (Netherlands, ALDE)

The responsibility of men and boys in preventing and stopping gender-based violence

01/12/2022 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

The fight against gender-based violence has been historically led by women and women’s rights organisations. However, men and boys, in all their diversity, “also have an important role to play”, according to PACE’s Committee on Equality, since they “can be agents of change by speaking out against...

Zita Gurmai (Hungary, SOC)

Committee assesses positive impact of Istanbul Convention and challenges to face

01/12/2022 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

The Equality Committee, meeting in Paris, today welcomed the influence of the Istanbul Convention on national legislation to fight gender-based violence and the changes it has inspired in policies and awareness-raising actions. It also welcomed the high number of ratifications – 37 to date, with...

Violence against women

‘Stop violence against women, now!’ says PACE General Rapporteur Zita Gurmai

24/11/2022 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

“Parliamentarians must join with international and civil society organisations to reject the backlash and backsliding that are stopping progress in ending gender-based violence, which affects women and girls around the world the most,” said PACE’s General Rapporteur on Violence against Women and...

Transgender symbol

Trans Day of Remembrance: “We must condemn transphobic violence and hate speech without reserve,” says...

18/11/2022 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

“In the past year, hatred, violence and suicide have tragically cut short the lives of hundreds of trans people across the globe,” said the Assembly’s General rapporteur on the rights of LGBTI people, Christophe Lacroix (Belgium, SOC), on the occasion of the Trans Day of Remembrance, 20 November...

Intersex awareness / Day

‘Older intersex people need our support’, urges General Rapporteur on Intersex Awareness Day 2022

25/10/2022 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

“Intersex people experience discrimination in all fields of life, shaped by prejudice, ignorance, inadequate legislation and violations of their physical integrity and bodily autonomy,” said Christophe Lacroix (Belgium, SOC), the Parliamentary Assembly’s General Rapporteur on the rights of LGBTI...

Margreet De Boer

Finding solutions to remedy marital captivity

13/10/2022 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

Measures to prevent cases of marital captivity and ensure effective solutions for victims are urgently needed, the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination has said. The report by Margreet De Boer (Netherlands, SOC), adopted by the committee on 13 October, explains that marital captivity...

Support for women in Iran
©Council of Europe

Committee calls for urgent political action on the violent repression of women in Iran

11/10/2022 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

In a statement adopted unanimously at its meeting today, the Equality and Non-Discrimination Committee condemned the repression and denial of rights of Iranian women and girls, and called for an end to the state-led violent response to the uprising, while expressing solidarity with the protesters...

Momodou Malcolm Jallow (Sweden, UEL),

PACE committee calls for action to counter 'dramatic spike' of Islamophobia in Europe

16/09/2022 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

PACE's Equality and Non-Discrimination Committee has expressed its deep concern at the steady increase in manifestations of Islamophobia in Europe, "which has reached a dramatic spike in recent years". According to the Committee, stereotyping based on depicting Muslims as alien to, and...