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President encourages Ukraine to press ahead with reform agenda

14/05/2016 | President

At the end of his official visit to Ukraine, PACE President Pedro Agramunt welcomed the strong commitment of the Ukrainian authorities and of the newly-appointed government to move towards European values and standards.

PACE President makes official visit to Ukraine

12/05/2016 | President

PACE President, Pedro Agramunt, today begins a two-day official visit to Ukraine (12-13 May), following the formation of a new government.He is due to meet, notably, President Petro Poroshenko.

The President expresses concern at the decision to ban the Mejlis of Crimean-Tatar people

27/04/2016 | President

"I am seriously concerned about the decision to ban the Mejlis of Crimean-Tatar people as an extremist organisation," declared Parliamentary Assembly President Pedro Agramunt in a statement.

President Agramunt calls for release of PACE member Nadiya Savchenko

18/04/2016 | President

At the beginning of the April 2016 part-session, I have to reiterate my serious concerns about the situation of our member, Nadiya Savchenko, who remains in detention in the Russian Federation, said PACE President.

PACE President, ahead of debates on migration and asylum: ‘They are still dying out there’

18/04/2016 | President

In April 2015, the world was horrified by the catastrophic loss of life during a single incident of a vessel capsizing in the Mediterranean Sea. Almost a year later reports emerge that a boat capsized with heavy loss of life.

Pedro Agramunt in Hungary urges European solidarity: ‘No country can solve the challenges we face alone’

06/04/2016 | President

Pedro Agramunt called for a comprehensive pan-European approach to meeting the challenges of the refugee crisis, and the threat of terrorism and radicalisation, as well as finding solutions to “frozen conflicts”.

PACE President calls for respect of cease-fire in Nagorno-Karabakh

03/04/2016 | President

PACE President Pedro Agramunt has called on both sides to swiftly resume negotiations towards a peaceful resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

PACE President to visit Hungary

31/03/2016 | President

Pedro Agramunt will make a visit to Hungary from 3 to 5 April, during which he will meet, in particular, the President of the Republic, the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade.

PACE President: release of Intigam Aliyev is a welcome judicial step

28/03/2016 | President

“The release of the human rights defender Intigam Aliyev is an important step for the judiciary in Azerbaijan, which needs to be strengthened and needs to act with genuine independence,” said Pedro Agramunt.

President shocked by attacks in Brussels

22/03/2016 | President

“I am deeply shocked by the attacks in Brussels that killed so many people and left many others injured,” said Pedro Agramunt. “These attacks, at the heart of Europe, are a direct attack on our European values and freedoms”.

President reacts to the beginning of the verdict on PACE member Nadiya Savchenko

21/03/2016 | President

As the Court reads out its verdict, and given the serious questions regarding the fairness of her trial, I once again call for Nadiya Savchenko’s immediate release, said PACE President Pedro Agramunt.

President calls for intensified co-operation between the Council of Europe and the EU

17/03/2016 | President

In the face of the challenges ahead, in particular the refugee crisis and the rise of populism, we need Pan-European solidarity and a multilateral response based on the standards of the European Convention on Human Rights.