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PACE Standing Committee meets in Paris

10/03/2009 | Standing Committee

Better prevention of environment-related health hazards and riots in European cities are among the issues to be debated at a meeting of PACE Standing Committee, taking place in Paris on Friday 13 March 2009. The meeting will be opened by PACE President Lluís Maria de Puig, followed by an exchange of views among the parliamentarians on the Assembly’s co-operation with its institutional partners in election observation.

PACE President calls for delivery of humanitarian aid

01/12/2008 | Standing Committee

At the end of a PACE Standing Committee debate in Madrid on the follow-up to Resolution 1633 (2008) on the consequences of the war between Georgia and Russia, PACE President Lluís Maria de Puig called for extreme vigilance. “We must make every effort to prevent a return of violence or even a further outbreak of war between two Council of Europe member states. That is the basic aim of our organisation, which was founded in the aftermath of the Second World War,” he said.

PACE calls for minimum standards of reception in Europe for ‘boat people’

28/11/2008 | Standing Committee

PACE´s Standing Committee Committee today called on European governments to put forward minimum standards of reception to be guaranteed by all countries of destination of “boat people” and to share the responsibility of receiving them. In a report prepared by Morten Østergaard (Denmark, ALDE), adopted today in Madrid, the Assembly recalled that in 2007 alone, over 51,000 persons arrived on the coasts of Italy, Spain, Greece and Malta.

The involvement of men is essential for achieving gender equality, according to PACE

28/11/2008 | Standing Committee

At its meeting in Madrid, the PACE Standing Committee adopted a resolution highlighting the importance of involving men in achieving gender equality. In this resolution, the committee expresses the view that public policies must incorporate a gender perspective and counter stereotypes, but also include action that encourages the involvement of men. Steingrímur J. Sigfússon (Iceland, UEL), rapporteur on the subject, stresses that involving men is a prerequisite for achieving gender equality and changing mentalities.

PACE seeks to promote traditional crafts and cultural heritage conservation skills

28/11/2008 | Standing Committee

In a resolution adopted today in Madrid, PACE Standing Committee calls on individual craft trades, trade federations and national training groups to identify themselves, to establish European networks and to develop public support. In keeping with the findings of its rapporteur on this subject, Baroness Gloria Hooper (United Kingdom, EDG), the Committee likewise calls for concerted action between government, private and voluntary sectors in developing the skills and expertise necessary for heritage conservation.

UK’s role in the economic collapse of Iceland on PACE agenda

28/11/2008 | Standing Committee

Iceland’s parliamentary delegation to PACE has opened a current affairs debate in Madrid by suggesting that "a Council of Europe member state, the United Kingdom, was instrumental in bringing down the economy of another member state – Iceland." At today’s debate, held during a meeting of PACE’s Standing Committee, Steingrímur Sigfússon (Iceland, UEL) said the UK government had unilaterally resorted to "apparently discriminatory and disproportionate" measures against Icelandic banks, with grave consequences for the country’s economy.

Spanish Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers to strengthen Council of Europe's parliamentary dimension

28/11/2008 | Standing Committee

"The Spanish Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers wishes to strengthen the parliamentary dimension of the Council of Europe," said the Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs and Co-operation, Miguel Angel Moratinos, outlining the priorities of the Spanish Chairmanship to the PACE Standing Committee this morning in Madrid. "We are counting on your support," he declared.

Speaker of the Spanish Senate says economic crisis poses a challenge to the European model of social...

28/11/2008 | Standing Committee

“The current global economic crisis is the best test of the quality of our democracies and our collective ability to maintain the European model of social protection in the face of new challenges,” said the Speaker of the Spanish Senate, Francisco Javier Rojo, opening the meeting of the PACE Standing Committee this morning in Madrid.

PACE Standing Committee to discuss in Madrid arrival of 'boat people' in Europe

24/11/2008 | Standing Committee

The influx of migrants by sea into southern Europe and how to address the “boat people” phenomenon will be the focus of the meeting of PACE Standing Committee to be held at the Spanish Senate in Madrid on 28 November 2008, as Spain takes over the chairmanship of the Council of Europe’s executive body. The meeting will be opened by PACE President, Lluís Maria de Puig, and Francisco Javier Rojo, Speaker of the Spanish Senate. Assembly members will then have an exchange of views with Miguel Ángel Moratinos, Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation, Chair of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers.

United Kingdom, US and NATO urged to reveal locations of chemical munitions dumped in the Baltic after the...

30/05/2008 | Standing Committee

PACE has called on the United Kingdom, United States and NATO to immediately declassify information on the locations of sites in the Baltic Sea where chemical munitions were dumped after the Second World War. In a resolution adopted yesterday, based on a report by Gediminas Jakavonis (Lithuania, ALDE), PACE’s Standing Committee said that this information would enable a detailed study of the current condition of these chemical munitions, and the risk they pose to the marine environment.

Cecilia Malmström meets the Standing Committee in Stockholm

29/05/2008 | Standing Committee

The Minister for European Affairs of Sweden, Cecilia Malmström, today addressed the members of the PACE Standing Committee, to whom she presented the priorities of the Swedish Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, the Organisation’s executive body. Ms Malmström said that Sweden would encourage above all else the systematic application of the Council of Europe’s standards regarding human rights, as this aspect was a priority concern for her country.

PACE urges expansion of ‘e-learning’ tools and technology

29/05/2008 | Standing Committee

European governments are being urged to expand the use of so-called “e-learning” tools and technologies in schools and universities to target new groups of students, for instance through distance learning, as well as to enhance classroom teaching by new interactive, collaborative and audiovisual/textual learning content. A PACE report approved today in Stockholm says “e-learning” tools – such as audio-visual teleconferencing and downloads, interactive teaching tools and online tutorials – are not yet being used to their full potential.