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PACE President, ending visit: I believe Azerbaijan is ‘at a turning point’

01/03/2016 | President

“I believe Azerbaijan is at a turning point which will allow it to improve its relations with Europe and the Council of Europe,” said Pedro Agramunt,ending a two-day state visit to Azerbaijan.

PACE President to make official visit to Azerbaijan

26/02/2016 | President

Pedro Agramunt will make an official visit to Azerbaijan on 29 February-1st March, during which he is due to meet the President of the Republic, the Speaker of the Milli Mejlis and the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

As ten-year torture inquiry ends, Council of Europe states give final responses on CIA ‘secret prisons’

26/02/2016 | President

Pedro Agramunt has welcomed a final round of responses from the governments of Council of Europe member States to questions on their possible involvement in illegal CIA detentions in Europe or “rendition flights”.

PACE President condemns terrorist attack in Ankara

18/02/2016 | President

Following yesterday’s terrorist attack in Ankara, PACE President Pedro Agramunt expressed the Parliamentary Assembly’s deepest sympathies to the people of Turkey and the Turkish authorities.

Spanish Foreign Affairs Minister meets with PACE President

18/02/2016 | President

José Manuel García-Margallo yesterday met with PACE President Pedro Agramunt. The minister expressed his interest in some of the main projects that the new President intends to implement during his mandate.

Pedro Agramunt welcomes the agreement on ceasefire and humanitarian aid in Syria

12/02/2016 | President

“The announcement of an agreement over the cessation of hostilities in Syria as well as on the delivery of humanitarian aid to the population is a welcome and encouraging sign,” said Pedro Agramunt.

PACE President calls for unity around the principles of democratic security

09/02/2016 | President

Speaking to a Conference of Chairpersons of Committees of Foreign Affairs of National Parliaments in Sofia today, Pedro Agramunt called for “unity in the face of the many challenges we are confronted with”.

Pedro Agramunt: “A date to remember the victims of former horrors, but also the victims of tomorrow”

27/01/2016 | President

“Today is a date to remember not only the victims of former horrors, those that were abandoned, but also the victims of today and tomorrow”, PACE President said addressing a ceremony in memory of the victims of the Holocaust.

Anne Brasseur: 'my objective has been to ensure that Europe responds to its challenges with unity and...

25/01/2016 | President

At the end of the last PACE Bureau meeting under her Presidency, Anne Brasseur called on all Parliamentary Assembly members to stay united in front of the major challenges Europe is faced with.

Spaniard Pedro Agramunt elected PACE President

25/01/2016 | President

The Spaniard Pedro Agramunt (EPP/CD) has been elected PACE President for a mandate of one year, renewable once. He succeeds Anne Brasseur, who has occupied the post since January 2014.

‘Europe slamming its doors on refugees: is this really what Europe is about?'

22/01/2016 | President

“Faced with an unprecedented displacement challenge, one would expect Europe to show a surge of solidarity. Unfortunately, what we see is not Europe’s friendliest face", said Anne Brasseur.

President calls on new government in Chisinau to restore citizens’ confidence in institutions

21/01/2016 | President

Anne Brasseur, has called on the authorities to take concrete steps to restore citizens’ confidence in institutions, to address widespread corruption and to ensure the integrity of public officials and judicial authorities.