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Summer Session: Croatian and Slovak Prime Ministers to address PACE

05/06/2018 | Session

PACE is scheduled to elect its new President at its summer session in Strasbourg. VIPs to address members include the Croatian and Slovak Prime Ministers as well as the Luxembourg Foreign Minister.

PACE warns of the new threat of ‘hybrid war’, but reaffirms that existing laws continue to apply

27/04/2018 | Session

The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly today has warned of the new threat of “hybrid war,” in which adversaries combine traditional military action with other hostile acts in the information sphere.

Tuberculosis: every patient must be diagnosed effectively and have access to treatment

27/04/2018 | Session

PACE called on member States to ensure that every tuberculosis patient is effectively diagnosed and has access to appropriate treatment and care, as well as to psycho-social support.

Free schooling for all migrant children

27/04/2018 | Session

PACE has urged Council of Europe member States to provide free schooling for all migrant children, in line with their international undertakings, and to treat them in the same way as other children for educational purposes.

Current affairs debate: Europe's role in peacemaking initiatives in Syria

26/04/2018 | Session

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe today held a current affairs debate on Europe's role in peacemaking initiatives in Syria, opened by Rósa Björk Brynjolfsdottir.

The Assembly concerned about certain aspects of the Copenhagen Declaration

26/04/2018 | Session

The Assembly has expressed certain concerns with regard to the Copenhagen Declaration on the reform of the system of the European Convention on Human Rights, adopted at a ministerial conference in April.

Fighting organised crime by facilitating the confiscation of illegal assets

26/04/2018 | Session

The Parliamentary Assembly noted with deep concern that the confiscation of criminal assets is often prevented by “an unreasonably heavy burden of proof placed on the competent national authorities.

Anders Samuelsen: ‘The Court must be in a position to ensure the highest protection of fundamental rights’

25/04/2018 | Session

Addressing the Assembly, Anders Samuelsen, underlined the importance of the political declaration adopted in Copenhagen by the 47 member States, on continued reform of the European system of human rights.

Concerted efforts to address the needs of internally displaced persons

25/04/2018 | Session

Within Europe, more than four million persons are displaced inside their own country due to armed conflicts and violence. And their humanitarian needs and rights, the Assembly said today, need greater attention.

'The protection of the human rights of IDPs rests on the primary responsibility of States'

25/04/2018 | Session

The UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of internally displaced persons, Cecilia Jiménez-Damary underlined that 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement.

Editorial integrity: call for national bodies to track ‘fake news’ and propaganda

25/04/2018 | Session

PACE has spelled out a series of steps to protect the editorial integrity of journalists and promote high professional standards in their field – including urging states to set up national observatories to track disinformation.

Libya: the Council of Europe can contribute to setting up unified State structures

25/04/2018 | Session

According to the PACE, the Council of Europe should contribute to the establishment of unified State structures in Libya, which alone can put an end to the widespread and daily violations of human rights and humanitarian law.