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PACE calls for ban on trade in items used in executions or torture

26/01/2018 | Session

PACE has called for a ban on trade in items used in executions or torture – urging all 47 Council of Europe member States to apply the approach of the EU, which bans some items and operates a case-by-case licensing system for others.

A major role for Europe in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process

25/01/2018 | Session

“Europe should play a major role in the sponsorship and resumption of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process,” said PACE today, at the end of an urgent debate held on the basis of a report by Titus Corlăţean.

Austrian President reiterates attachment to the Council of Europe and its values

25/01/2018 | Session

Alexander Van der Bellen reiterated Austria’s attachment to the Council of Europe. “Without the principles this organisation stands for,” he said, “we cannot have the Europe that we all want.”

'May the darkest pages of our common history never again be repeated'

25/01/2018 | Session

“The Holocaust gives us the ugliest, most appalling and disgraceful example of what happens when human kind loses sight of the fundamental values of humanity,” Michele Nicoletti recalled at a ceremony.

Commissioner: 'Time to renew our commitment and halt the deterioration of human rights'

25/01/2018 | Session

“In 2017 the human rights situation continued to deteriorate in many European countries. Old crises deepened, new crises emerged and commitment to human rights values and standards seemed to weaken”, said Nils Muižnieks.

Steps to protect and rehabilitate children affected by armed conflict

25/01/2018 | Session

Children traumatised by armed conflict need specialised support to re-build trust and create “new positive life experiences”, the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly said today during a debate.

PACE reviews progress of states under monitoring in 2017

25/01/2018 | Session

PACE has adopted an annual report taking stock of its monitoring activities in 2017 and making a series of assessments of the progress of the countries subject to its monitoring procedure or engaged in post-monitoring dialogue.

PACE approves Andorran delegation, noting its undertaking to comply with gender balance rules soon

25/01/2018 | Session

PACE has decided to ratify the credentials of the Andorran parliamentary delegation – challenged because of a lack of gender balance – noting that the delegation has undertaken to comply with the Rules.

Call for a major overhaul of sports governance structures and practices

24/01/2018 | Session

The crisis of confidence in major sports governing bodies "seems far from over”. The failures are systemic and call for “a major overhaul of sports governance structures and practices”, PACE said today.

PACE calls for an independent outside body to assess football governance

24/01/2018 | Session

The Parliamentary Assembly has called on the European Union to consider setting up an independent “observatory” to assess governance in football, following a series of scandals in the sport.

Serzh Sargsyan: ‘A fourth Summit for a stronger and more inclusive Europe’

24/01/2018 | Session

“Democracy constantly requires attention, review, and advancement. Along the lines of this logic, we undertook a constitutional reform process in Armenia,” said Serzh Sargsyan, addressing the Assembly today.

Dunja Mijatović elected Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights

24/01/2018 | Session

Dunja Mijatović (Bosnia and Herzegovina) was today elected as the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights by the Assembly. Ms Mijatović was elected for a non-renewable term of six years starting on 1 April 2018.