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Opening of the 2018 Winter Session

22/01/2018 | Session

Adopting its agenda, the Assembly decided to hold an urgent debate on the Israeli–Palestinian peace process and the role of the Council of Europe, and a current affairs debate on the Turkish military intervention in Syria.

PACE elects its Vice-Presidents

22/01/2018 | Session

At the opening of its Winter plenary Session today, the Parliamentary Assembly elected its Vice-Presidents. The seats for the Vice-Presidents in respect of Italy and the Russian Federation remain vacant.

Credentials of Andorran delegation challenged on grounds of gender balance

22/01/2018 | Session

The credentials of the new Andorran delegation to PACE have been challenged on the grounds that it does not contain at least one Representative who is a member of “the under-represented sex”, as required by the Rules.

Thorbjørn Jagland: member states have equal obligations and equal rights

22/01/2018 | Session

Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland has called on the member states to recommit themselves to fulfill their obligations and cooperate in good faith with the Council’s statutory bodies.

Ad hoc committee on the role and mission of PACE to hold first meeting in Strasbourg

22/01/2018 | Session

PACE ratified, as part of its Progress Report, the terms of reference, composition and timetable of the ad hoc Committee on ‘The role and mission of the Parliamentary Assembly’ as approved by its PACE Bureau in December 2017.

Liliane Maury Pasquier elected President of the PACE Socialist Group

22/01/2018 | Session

Liliane Maury Pasquier has been unanimously elected President of the Socialist Group of the PACE, succeeding Michele Nicoletti, who was elected President of the Assembly.

Winter session: the Presidents of Armenia and Austria, Prime Minister and Crown Princess of Denmark

12/01/2018 | Session

The Presidents of Armenia and Austria, as well as the Prime Minister and the Crown Princess of Denmark, are among VIPs to address the PACE winter session, taking place from 22 to 26 January in Strasbourg.

Involving young people in the fight against corruption

13/10/2017 | Session

“Young people have an important role to play in the fight against corruption by bringing a new culture of integrity”, PACE has stated, calling on national authorities to involve youth organisations in implementing anti-corruption policies.

Free debate on current issues

13/10/2017 | Session

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe held this morning in Strasbourg a free debate on current issues not included in the session agenda. Fifteen parliamentarians took the floor.

PACE, worried about threats to the rule of law, points to recent developments in five states

12/10/2017 | Session

PACE has pointed to “serious problems” with the rule of law in many Council of Europe member states – singling out five countries where it says some recent developments have “put at risk” respect for the rule of law.

Call on UN to set up a judicial mechanism to try Daesh genocide

12/10/2017 | Session

The Parliamentary Assembly has reiterated its conviction that Daesh has committed genocide in Syria and Iraq – and called on the UN to consider setting up a “special judicial mechanism” to try its crimes.

Ukrainian law on education: implementing the conclusions of the Venice Commission

12/10/2017 | Session

The Assembly expressed its concern about the articles relating to education in minority languages of the new Education Act in Ukraine and deplored that "there was no real consultation" with representatives of national minorities.