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PACE President condemns terrorist bombing in Tunis

25/11/2015 | President

“I condemn yesterday’s terrorist bombing in Tunis", said Anne Brasseur. "We stand with the Tunisian authorities in combating the terrorists. If we remain united in defending our values, they will not succeed.”

PACE President condemns ‘cold-blooded inhumanity’ of recent wave of terrorist attacks

20/11/2015 | President

Anne Brasseur, speaking during the World Forum for Democracy, has condemned, in the strongest possible terms, the wave of terrorist attacks by IS against France, Lebanon and Russia, as well as other states earlier this year.

Anne Brasseur: raising awareness is essential for protecting children from sexual abuse

18/11/2015 | President

The goal of this Day is to raise awareness about sexual abuse and encourage an open dialogue in order to help prevent abuse, said PACE President Anne Brasseur today.

Surveillance and protection of freedoms – what is the right dose?

18/11/2015 | President

The issue of mass surveillance of citizens has received much attention, especially after the revelations made by Edward Snowden, with a growing tension between the concern for safety and the protection of freedoms, said Anne Brasseur.

Shock and sorrow: Anne Brasseur reacts to the Paris attacks

14/11/2015 | President

"I am deeply shocked and appalled by the barbaric terrorist attacks perpetrated last night in Paris. On behalf of the Assembly, I extend my deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims," said Anne Brasseur.

PACE President welcomes the release of Azerbaijani civil society activist Arif Yunus

13/11/2015 | President

“I welcome the release of Arif Yunus on humanitarian grounds and hope that more prisoners will be released soon and especially those whose health condition is a matter of serious concern,” Anne Brasseur declared today.

President calls for probes to ‘root out corruption’ in all major sport federations

09/11/2015 | President

After the FIFA fiasco, I am appalled by the scandal at the IAAF, the world body for athletics,” said PACE President Anne Brasseur today, following revelations being published today in a report by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

PACE President Anne Brasseur visits Brussels

06/11/2015 | President

Anne Brasseur will be in Brussels from 8-10 November to participate in the first meeting of the European Commission's High-level Group on Grassroots Sport. She will also meet Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

PACE President calls for cooperation between public authorities and religious leaders to fight radicalisation

02/11/2015 | President

In her speech on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue, Anne Brasseur underlined the symbolic importance of meeting in Sarajevo, and that despite past conflicts, it is possible to live together peacefully in unity and respect.

PACE President calls on all religious authorities to condemn intolerance, discrimination, hatred and violence

31/10/2015 | President

At the opening of the thematic year for 2016 on the Reformation and the global world, in the context of the Luther decade, Anne Brasseur issued an appeal to all religious authorities to condemn intolerance, discrimination, hatred and violence.

Turkey: PACE President expresses concern over clampdown against two private television channels

28/10/2015 | President

In the context of the forthcoming Turkish elections at the weekend, I am concerned about the clampdown against two private television channels, Kanaltürk and Bugün,” Anne Brasseur said today.

Migrants: PACE President calls for more North-South solidarity

28/10/2015 | President

We cannot continue to let the front-line countries struggle alone with migrant arrivals simply because of their geographical position,” Anne Brasseur stressed in a speech to the Nordic Council in Reykjavik today.