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PACE denounces ‘psychological’ methods used to exert political influence over the media

29/06/2017 | Session

PACE has denounced a series of methods used to exert political influence over journalists – ranging from physical threats and detention through to intimidation and harassment of editors and journalists.

'European cities can play a central role in implementing integration policies'

28/06/2017 | Session

“More than ever, European cities and local governments can play a crucial role in the protection of the rights of refugees and migrants, and their integration,” said the Mayor of Athens Georgios Kaminis, addressing the Assembly.

Morgan Johansson: “Migration will be a top global challenge for decades to come”

28/06/2017 | Session

“Migration will be a top global challenge for decades to come. We must face it with more solidarity and more commitment than we have had before,” said Morgan Johansson, Minister for Justice of Sweden.

Immigration is instrumental both for modernisation of societies and for Europe’s survival

28/06/2017 | Session

"No comprehensive humanitarian and political response has yet been given to the challenges raised by the large-scale migratory and refugee flows into Europe", an Assembly resolution adopted today underlines.

Migration crisis in the Mediterranean: tangible improvements but additional efforts are needed

28/06/2017 | Session

More than a year since the adoption of the EU-Turkey Statement, the implemented measures have delivered some tangible results with regard to the challenges underlying the refugee and migration crisis, PACE said today.

Call for an end to ‘negative rhetoric’ on migrants

28/06/2017 | Session

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has called for an end to “negative rhetoric” about migrants, pointing out that with the right policies migration can be very beneficial to Europe.

PACE adopts a procedure allowing for the dismissal of its members holding high elective office

27/06/2017 | Session

The PACE has decided to amend its Rules of Procedure and to institute a procedure to bring into play the institutional accountability of holders of elective offices within the Assembly and “to dismiss them during their term of office”.

Duško Marković: Montenegro will be a ‘constructive partner’ for the Council of Europe

27/06/2017 | Session

Montenegro’s Prime Minister Duško Marković has reaffirmed his government’s commitment to implementing Council of Europe standards and recommendations, and outlined work carried out so far on combating corruption, among others.

Lubomír Zaorálek: Czech chairmanship to focus on the protection of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups

27/06/2017 | Session

“Our priority line of action, in the framework of our chairmanship, will focus on the protection of rights of persons belonging to vulnerable or disadvantaged groups”, said Lubomír Zaorálek,addressing the Assembly today.

Promoting integrity in governance to tackle political corruption

27/06/2017 | Session

Stepping up the fight against corruption and restoring trust in the efficiency and effectiveness of democratic institutions “must be a priority” for many European democracies, the Parliamentary Assembly said today.

Investigative journalism and whistleblowing are weapons against corruption

27/06/2017 | Session

Investigative journalism is a “public asset” and a “key weapon in tackling corruption”, the Parliamentary Assembly said in a resolution adopted today, on the basis of a report by Gülsün Bilgehan (Turkey, SOC).

Belarus: a mixed picture, but PACE proposes ‘stepping up’ dialogue with parliament and NGOs

27/06/2017 | Session

While not ready to recommend restoring the Belarus Parliament’s special guest status, suspended in 1997, PACE has urged “stepping up” dialogue with the parliament, independent Belarusian NGOs and opposition forces.