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Wonner / Martine

Remedying discrimination against people dealing with chronic or long-term illness

01/12/2020 | Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development

“Often difficult to diagnose and disabling, chronic and long-term illnesses affect the lives of patients – who may be deprived of their autonomy, their rights to participation and full integration into society – and are a source of discrimination,” said the Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable...

Climate change

Is inaction on climate change a human rights violation?

01/12/2020 | Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development

Children joined experts at a PACE parliamentary hearing to demand urgent action on climate change from European governments – and to argue that continued inaction would be a violation of their right to a healthy environment. The virtual joint hearing, organised by PACE’s Committee on Social...

Child selfie
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How to tackle the surge in sexual images produced by children?

17/11/2020 | Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development

Joint statement by Baroness Doreen E. Massey (United Kingdom, SOC), PACE Rapporteur on “Addressing sexual violence against children: stepping up action and co-operation in Europe”, and Dimitri Houbron (France, ALDE), PACE Rapporteur on “For an assessment of the means and provisions to combat...

Children and Covid-19

Hearing examines disturbing phenomenon of self-generated sexual images and videos shared by children

12/11/2020 | Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development

“Widespread sharing of sexual images and videos produced by children themselves has become a challenge that we must urgently address, especially as the risks of sexual exploitation and abuse have increased in the context of the lockdown and resulting isolation of children,” said Dimitri Houbron...


Make the world more ‘autism-friendly’, urges committee

21/10/2020 | Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development

The time has come to make the world more ‘autism-friendly’, PACE’s Social Affairs Committee has urged, calling for “person-centred and life-long support” for people with autism and their families. In a resolution based on a report by Sevinj Fataliyeva (Azerbaijan, EC/DA), approved today during a...

Girls rights

Day of the Girl Child: rapporteurs call on parliaments to combat ‘an emerging backlash against the rights...

09/10/2020 | Equality and Non-Discrimination

Béatrice Fresko-Rolfo (Monaco, ALDE), PACE’s General Rapporteur on Violence against Women, and Baroness Doreen Massey (United Kingdom, SOC), rapporteur on addressing sexual violence against children, issued the following statement to mark the International Day of the Girl Child, 11 October: “25...

Stefan / Schennach / Austria

World of work: putting AI at the service of the human and not the opposite

22/09/2020 | Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development

“The world of work will be increasingly exposed to the spread of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, with the particular risk that AI replaces humans in more jobs than it creates new ones,” said the Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development Committee, meeting today by...

Artificial intelligence in healthcare

AI in health care – time for a binding legal instrument with global reach

22/09/2020 | Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development

PACE’s Social Affairs Committee is calling for a “dedicated legal instrument”, preferably binding and with global reach, to ensure Artificial Intelligence respects human rights principles, particularly in health care. It would lay down benchmarks in areas such as privacy, confidentiality, the...

Long-term disease

A hearing highlights discrimination against people suffering from chronic and long-term illnesses

22/09/2020 | Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development

“There is a wide variety of chronic and long-term illnesses – such as Lyme disease, Crohn's disease, or Charcot's disease – which cause physical disorders that are often disabling, impacting on society's perception of patients and preventing them from fully enjoying their rights and excluding...

Child / Family

Leaving millions of labour migrants’ children without parental care is a violation of human rights

22/09/2020 | Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development

PACE Social Affairs Committee has said it deplores the complacency of both countries of origin and destination concerning children who are “left behind” when their parents migrate abroad for work, potentially depriving them of support and protection. “Leaving millions of children without parental...

Selin Sayek-Böke

On Equal Pay Day, PACE rapporteur reiterates call for a ban on salary inequality

18/09/2020 | Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development

“Today we mark the first ever International Equal Pay Day, a welcome UN initiative. Although the gender pay gap is now smaller than it has ever been, we still have a long way to go,” said Selin Sayek Böke (Turkey, SOC), PACE’s rapporteur on socio-economic inequalities. “The pay gap exacerbates...

Climate change crisis global warming environment wind hurricane tornado tropical storm weather

Climate change ‘already well present in Europe and set to get worse’, parliamentarians told

07/07/2020 | Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development

Climate change caused by human activity is “already well present” in Europe, driving extreme heat waves, droughts, heavy precipitation, floods and rising sea-levels, and is set to get worse in the decades to come, PACE parliamentarians were warned this week. Speaking at a virtual public hearing...