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5 October - Webinar: Importance of migrant's remittances in times of crisis. Click here for more information.


The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that in times of crisis and catastrophe, migrants and especially the most vulnerable among them, women and children, must benefit from the same protection as nationals. This is not just in the interest of migrants but in the interests of all (healthcare, sanitary measures, social assistance and support, etc). With a resurgence of the virus in many European countries after the summer months, now more than ever, countries have to learn from the experience so far. No country can solve the pandemic or the issues of migration and asylum on their own, these are global phenomena, which require countries, governments, parliamentarians and organisations to work together in a spirit of solidarity.

Pierre-Alain Fridez (Switzerland, SOC), Chairperson of the Committee, has prepared the following report:

Humanitarian consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic for migrants and refugees


Many parliamentarians across Europe have a right to visit detention centres for irregular migrants and asylum seekers as part of their mandate as national parliamentarians. Yet a survey conducted by the Assembly has shown that this right is not always known to parliamentarians or used to its full capacity. The Committee has developed a guide to raise awareness of this right and encourage and assist parliamentarians in carrying out visits to detention centres.  More

Did you know ?

In January 2020, Pierre-Alain Fridez (Switzerland, SOC) was elected as Chairperson of the Committee.