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Carrying out of the Assembly's duties in the field of Science

Recommendation 433 (1965)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly Debate on 30th September 1965 (14th Sitting) (see Doc. 1972, report of the Cultural and Scientific Committee). Text adopted by the Assembly on 30th September 1965 (14th Sitting).
1. The Assembly,
2. Recalling the conclusions of the 2nd Parliamentary and Scientific Conference held at Vienna in May 1964, jointly organised by the Council of Europe and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development on the theme Science and Parliament ;
3. Having regard to the terms of :
Recommendation 400 in which the Assembly reaffirmed "its determination to contribute to the strengthening of European co-operation in the scientific field", and stressed "the role which it is called upon to play in the present situation, particularly in regard to the promotion of a general awareness of the problems of Science Policy" ;
Resolution 296, in which the Assembly further defined that role as being "to provide, at the widest possible European level, that parliamentary response to the work of the Ministerial Meeting (on Science) which is necessary for the successful implementation of a science policy both in the national and in the European sense" ;
4. Noting the work being carried out by its Cultural and Scientific Committee, in collaboration with its Economic Committee and its Permanent Working Party on Parliamentary and Public Relations, with a view to following up the 2nd Parliamentary and Scientific Conference ;
5. Noting that the principal obstacle confronting these efforts is the inadequacy of the resources which the Assembly now has available for the collection, analysis and circulation of essential information on matters concerning Science Policy, in particular the relevant documents published by the Governments and Parliaments of member countries and by the competent international organisations ;
6. Anxiously aware that European parliamentarians in general are faced with a lack of appropriate modern facilities, at both the national and the European levels, for acquiring knowledge of the facts essential to a comprehensive grasp of the science policy which is beginning to emerge within Europe ;
7. Convinced that any valid parliamentary activity in the field of Science Policy, of the kind envisaged by the Assembly and at present under study within its interested Committees, depends upon finding a solution to the problem of information ;
8. Considering that the series of major general debates on Science Policy, foreseen by the terms of Resolution 284, could constitute - if based on adequate and sound information - an important instrument for the carrying out of the role which the Assembly has embraced in this field ;
9. Desirous of holding the first such debate during the first part of its 18th Session (May 1966) on the basis of, and as the Assembly's response to, a report on the 2nd Ministerial Meeting on Science which is due to be held at Paris on 12th and 13th January 1966 ;
10. Convinced of the desirability of creating a permanent and organic link between the Assembly and the said Ministerial Meeting,
11. Recommends to the Committee of Ministers :

A. Improved information for members of the Assembly in Science Policy matters

10. That they instruct the Secretary General, with a view to improving the services now at the disposal of members of the Assembly :

to examine, in collaboration with the Clerk of the Assembly, what machinery would be necessary in order to keep its members promptly and regularly informed of the facts essential to a comprehensive grasp of science policy developments of European significance occurring at both national and international level, by means of :
the collection, so far as necessary the translation and reproduction, and the distribution of original documentation ;
the preparation, translation, reproduction and distribution of abstracts of the contents of the said documents, primarily designed for the use of members of the Assembly in their capacity as parliamentarians ;
to report thereon to the next Session of the Assembly, as to what steps he considers should be taken to establish such machinery within the Council of Europe ;

B. Link between the Assembly and the Ministerial Meeting on Science

11. That they take steps to ensure :

that a report on the 2nd Ministerial Meeting on Science be presented to the Assembly not later than one month before the first part-Session of its 18th Session, so that it may serve as a basis for the Assembly's first major general debate on Science Policy in Europe ;
that the presentation to the Assembly of this and future reports on the Sessions of the said Ministerial Meeting be placed on a formal footing, as is the case with other Ministerial Meetings, such as the European Conferences of Ministers of Transport, Education, Justice, etc. ;
that a direct organic link be established at Secretariat level between the Council of Europe and the Ministerial Meeting in order to permit a continuing and close working relationship between the two bodies.