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Rules of Procedure of the Assembly (January 2023)

(Resolution 1202 (1999) adopted on 4 November 1999) with subsequent modifications of the Rules of Procedure*

Rules of Procedure of the Assembly

IV. National delegations and political groups
XII. Written declarations
XVII. Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly

Complementary texts

II. Code of conduct for members of the Parliamentary Assembly
III. Code of conduct for rapporteurs of the Parliamentary Assembly
IV. Rules on voting by secret ballot in committees
V. Guidelines for consideration of motions for resolutions and recommendations
VI. Guidelines for the adoption of declarations
VII. Terms of reference of Assembly committees
IX. Election of Assembly vice-presidents
XIII. Observation of elections by the Parliamentary Assembly
XIV. External relations of the Assembly
ii. - Recommendation 1247 (1994) on the enlargement of the Council of Europe

XV. Rules of procedure for enlarged debates of the Parliamentary Assembly on the activities of OECD
XVI. Memorandum of understanding between the Council of Europe and the European Union
XX. Awarding medals to members of the Assembly
XXI. Ruling on meetings of Committees and Sub-Committees of the Assembly elsewhere than in Strasbourg or Paris
XXII. Exhibitions in the Assembly lobby