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Online registration form for PACE meetings: FAQ

Who can register and modify the registration?

Every Member can register personally in a list open for registration, and can modify her or his registration until the list is closed.

Delegation secretaries can self-register and register any Member of their delegation, and also modify registrations until the list closes.

Note: one Member cannot modify the registration of another.

How should the secretariat register a parliamentary Member on a list?

In order to register a Member, the secretariat should use the registration application d'inscription available on the home page:

After having selected the desired list, click on the "Add registration" button:

In the "Name" field, type a couple of letters from the name of the person being registered. A list will open allowing selection of the person being searched for.

Finish the registration by answering any associated questions.

Can replies to questions be modified?

Any information entered into the form, including responses to questionnaires can be changed until the closure of the registration list.

According to the meeting, multiple questionnaires can be attached to the registration list. Information thus collected allow secretariats to prepare for the meeting.

Can voting rights for the Member and their replacement be modified?

The registration system is unable to determine if a Member has voting rights in a committee meeting. However, the secretariat can ask via a questionnaire if members plan to use or nominate a proxy in committee.

Members and the delegation secretariat, as well as the Table Office, can modify proxies as required. 

Note: voting rights in plenary sittings or Standing Committee are managed by notification of a proxy.