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Two-factor authentication (2FA)

A QUICK "how to?"

How to activate? (first connection)
Download the application from Google Play or the App Store and open the application
In pace-apps, enter your email and password
Scan the QR code of the pace-apps page and copy the code displayed

How to connect? (following connections)
Enter your email and password
Open your authentication application
Copy the displayed code


to find out more

1. What is it?
2. Why use it for your pace-apps account?
3. How does it work?
4. Which 2FA authentication application should I use?

1. WHAT IS "2FA"?

Dual, or two-factor authentication strengthens the security of your personal account, using something you know (your password) and something you own (your smartphone). It is like presenting two separate proofs of identity to an authentication mechanism.

In general, a one-time code must be entered in addition to the user's usual password. If this code is not correct, authentication will fail, even if the password entered matches the one linked to the account.


On pace-apps, you can now log in with two different security levels: standard security and high security.

Standard security

In standard security mode, you will not be asked for double authentication: your login (email address) and your password (defined at the first connection or changeable afterwards) are enough.

You will have access to applications that do not require high security and you will be able to update personal data.

High security

The high security mode is essentiel for accessing certain applications, such as tabling texts with the Table Office (motions for resolutions or recommendations, amendments, etc.) and digitally signing texts proposed by other PACE members.


You must install an authentication app onto your mobile phone. This app is used to generate personal validation codes, based on an initial secret code generated specifically for you from pace-apps.

Authentication apps usually allow you to add an account from a QR code. In your application, add a new account and choose to "scan a QR code". Then scan the QR code generated from our site to create the account: a 6-digit code [nnnnnn] appears.

To finish the procedure, enter this 6 digit code on the pace-apps connection page, and validate to finish the association.

Unable to scan the QR code?

You can also create your account by filling in the fields manually. The important data is the secret code, which you can copy/paste from our site by simply clicking on it. The name of the account is only used to identify you, so you can put whatever you want (for example "pace-apps").


Tested and recommended 2FA authentication applications:

  • Google Authenticator
  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • 2FA Authenticator (2FAS)

These apps (and others) are available on Google Play for Android phones and on the App Store for iPhones. These are the only recommended platforms for installation.


If you no longer have access to your authentication app (lost or destroyed phone), please contact [email protected] to reset your account.