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Speeches made by Mr Tiny Kox during his mandate as President of the Assembly


Monday, 7 November, Strasbourg
World Forum for Democracy "Democracy: a new hope?"

Tuesday, 25 October, Strasbourg
Speech at the First Parliamentary Summit of the International Crimea Platform

Monday, 10 October, Strasbourg
Speech at the opening of the Exhibition Shame – European Stories

Monday, 10 October, Strasbourg
Opening address at the fourth part-session 2022

Thursday, 29 September, Dublin
Speech on the occasion of the Conference of ministers of Council of Europe member States - "No safe haven": integrated prevention measures to end domestic, sexual, and gender-based violence

Tuesday, 13 September, Strasbourg
International round table civil society: "Empowerment and accountability"

Tuesday, 21 June, Strasbourg
Statement at the inauguration of the exhibition of the Ukrainian Delegation to the PACE The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine: work of journalists"

Monday, 20 June, Strasbourg
Statement at the "LISTEN" Exhibition of War Childhood Museum in collaboration with the Council of Europe Commissioner of Human Rights

Monday, 20 June, Strasbourg
Remarks at the opening of the 2022 3rd part-session (English and French)

Tuesday, 7 June, online webinar
Speech on "Human Rights and Solidarity in Europe today"

Friday, 20 May, Turin
Speech at the 132nd Session of the Committee of Ministers

Monday, 9 May, Rome
Opening statement at the meeting of the PACE Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media

Tuesday, 26 April, Strasbourg
Speech at the 2022 Council of Europe Museum Prize Ceremony (half French, half English)

Monday, 25 April, Strasbourg
Opening address at the second part-session 2022

Thursday, 7 April, Rome
Speech at the High-level Launching Conference for the new Strategy: "Beyond the horizon: a new era for the rights of the child"

Wednesday, 23 March, Strasbourg
Address to the 42nd Session of the Congress

Monday, 14 March, Strasbourg
Opening address at the Extraordinary Session of 14 and 15 March

Thursday, 27 January, Strasbourg
Opening address on the occasion of the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust

Monday, 24 January, Strasbourg
Address at the first part-session 2022