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Ms Olena KHOMENKO (Ukraine, EC/DA)

Photo member

Servant of the People

Verkhovna Rada
UA - 01008 - Kyiv

Working language: English

Declarations of interests:
2023 , 2022 , 2021 , 2020


In the political groups

  • Member: European Conservatives Group and Democratic Alliance since 27/01/2020

In the Assembly

  • since 27/01/2020 Substitute - Ukraine

In the committee(s) and sub-committee(s)

  • Vice-President of the Assembly: Standing Committee (since 23/01/2023)
  • Vice-President of the Assembly: Bureau of the Assembly (since 23/01/2023)
  • Second Vice-Chairperson: Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development (since 24/01/2022)
  • Full Member: Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development (since 27/01/2020)
  • Full Member: Sub-Committee on the European Social Charter (from 06/07/2020 to 22/01/2023)
  • Full Member: Sub-Committee on Public Health and Sustainable Development (from 28/01/2020 to 22/01/2023)
  • Alternate of Mr Serhii SOBOLIEV (Full Member): Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy (since 25/11/2021)
  • Alternate of Mr Yuriy KAMELCHUK (Full Member): Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination (from 27/01/2020 to 24/11/2021)


Last speeches

13/10/2023 | 12:15:39 Thank you Madam President. Dear colleagues, On behalf of the Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development, I would like to warmly congratulate the two rapporteurs, Mr Simon MOUTQUIN and Ms Diana STOICA on their excellent reports. As Mr Simon MOUTQUIN accurately points out in his report, young people's mental health and well-being are an impacted by a world faced with multiple crises and much uncertainty: a pandemic, wars and natural disasters, displacement, cost of living... 11/10/2023 | 17:37:38 Dear colleagues, Probably most of you carry your phones everywhere you go. We all improved our efficiency and connections with the outer world, but also we all enabled surveillance to an extent we have never seen before. Pegasus, this seemingly innocuous name, has a far-reaching impact on our fundamental human rights. It is a technology that can infringe upon the very essence of our right to privacy, a right enshrined in the Convention. Shall we become paranoid about the technologies that... 23/06/2023 | 10:15:25 Dear Colleagues, Back in 2021, when I submitted this draft motion, I had in mind many extrajudicial killings or attempts committed by Russia and what we could do about that. It is an issue that strikes at the very core of our values, transnational repressions orchestrated by autocratic governments. These repressions have become an alarming trend in recent years, and it is imperative that we take a stand against them. The urgency of this matter was recognised gradually when a series of attacks... 22/06/2023 | 16:50:57 Dear colleagues, let me congratulate both rapporteurs on the excellent reports. We are living through a watershed era, and the world will never be the same after 24 February 2022. Russia attempts to reshape the current international order driven by their imperial vision. The democratic world played the business card. They were naive about Russia's real plans, and all along became more dependent on the natural resources of the Russian totalitarian regime. But it keeps getting worse. Russia... 20/06/2023 | 19:53:52 Dear Colleagues, On behalf of the Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development, I would like to congratulate Ms Selin SAYEK BÖKE on her excellent and timely report on “Public health emergencies: the need for a holistic approach to multilateralism and healthcare”. The report comprehensively examines the ongoing processes at the international level to transform global health governance. It calls for important human rights safeguards and the need for a holistic approach to...


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