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Verkhovna Rada
UA - 01008 - Kyiv

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2022 , 2021 , 2020


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  • Member: European Conservatives Group and Democratic Alliance since 27/01/2020

In the Assembly

  • since 27/01/2020 Substitute - Ukraine

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  • Second Vice-Chairperson: Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development (since 24/01/2022)
  • Full Member: Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development (since 27/01/2020)
  • Full Member: Sub-Committee on the European Social Charter (since 06/07/2020)
  • Full Member: Sub-Committee on Public Health and Sustainable Development (since 28/01/2020)
  • Alternate of Mr Serhii SOBOLIEV (Full Member): Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy (since 25/11/2021)
  • Alternate of Mr Yuriy KAMELCHUK (Full Member): Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination (from 27/01/2020 to 24/11/2021)


Last speeches

13/10/2022 | 12:35:15 Dear Mr President, Dear rapporteur, Dear colleagues, Every day brings more grave news about Russia's atrocities in Ukraine. Recently, Zaporizhia has become among the favourite targets of Russia's military, alongside with other cities. Other recent outrageous actions of the Russian military include shooting down convoys of civilians who were trying to escape the occupied territories. A few days ago, we were shocked by a video of Ukrainians being shot and thrown in a mass grave near Kupiansk... 24/06/2022 | 10:58:26 Dear colleagues, I would like to thank the rapporteur Ms Carmen LEYTE for her excellent and timely report. Like her, they, our Committee, is convinced that addressing suboptimal vaccination, vaccination coverage, is a matter of human rights protection, and should be priority for the Council of Europe members states. As such, member states must must take urgent action and acknowledge public responsibility for lowering barriers to vaccine uptake in full respect of the principles of human rights... 22/06/2022 | 16:46:24 Dear ladies and gentlemen, I would like to thank our rapporteurs for delivering these reports. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, its citizens on the ground continue to suffer from its impact and the number of casualties and forced displacements has continued to rise. It can already be stated that the Russian invasion into Ukraine will have far-reaching consequences. The United Nations General Assembly at an emergency special session in March adopted the resolution "Humanitarian... 28/04/2022 | 12:01:34 "She had gone to bed hoping that that was the worst of it. She was wrong. 'You will come with us to find other women', they ordered her before shoving a gun into Alex's back and telling him he would take him to the Russian headquarters in the small village near Borodyanka." The piece that I have just read to you appeared on the front page in the Daily Telegraph recently. This is the evidence of a Ukrainian girl who was raped and tortured by Russian soldiers and then was forced by three of... 27/04/2022 | 15:42:00 Dear President, Madam Secretary General, sirs and madams, With reference to the text itself, and following yesterday's debate on the draft of the resolution, I feel obliged to point out the following: the Ukrainian society understands perfectly well the limits of the nature of documents like resolutions which are being adopted at the Council of Europe. Upon its adoption, there will be a lot of comments in the Ukrainian audience that this leads to nothing in terms of bringing the abuser to...