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Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights

Election of the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights by the Parliamentary Assembly 2024

Information note
Memorandum on the election procedure prepared by the Secretariat of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights


The Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Right promotes the rule of law and defends human rights. It is also responsible for a whole variety of activities that make it, de facto, the Assembly's legal adviser.

In January 2024, Lord Richard Keen (United Kingdom, EC/DA) was elected as Chairperson of the Committee.

Handbook on "National parliaments as guarantors of human rights in Europe"

A handbook for parliamentarians from all over Europe published in October 2018 by the Assembly sets out ways and means to protect and implement human rights, within a democracy underpinned by the rule of law.

This handbook is intended to equip parliamentarians to fulfil their responsibilities by reviewing institutional structures, working methods and examples of best practices drawn from a number of parliaments in Europe, which enable them to verify most effectively the compatibility of national legislation and practices with European human rights standards.

Handbook available in several languages.