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Ms Meirav BEN ARI (Israel)

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Yesh Atid

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IL - 91950 - Jerusalem

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  • since 01/06/2023 Representative - Israel

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18/04/2024 | 17:29:14 Honourable members of the Parliamentary Assembly. I would like to apologise for not being able to attend this important meeting in person. I would like to open by relating to the attack committed by the Islamic Republic of Iran and its proxies against Israel on 14 April. Since 7 October, Hamas massacre, Israel has been fighting Iranian proxies throughout the region. With Iran's direct attack against Israel earlier this week, Iran has emerged from behind the shadow and has confirmed its... 23/01/2024 | 17:07:46 Thank you, Madam President. On the morning of 7 October, which fell on a Jewish holiday, thousands of Hamas and other terrorists breached Israeli sovereign territory by air, land, and sea. They invaded over 20 Israeli communities, army bases, and the site of a music festival with over 3 000 young people celebrating life and love. What proceeded under the cover of thousands of rockets fired indiscriminately into Israel was the massacre, mutilation, rape, and abduction of over 260 citizen into... 11/10/2023 | 16:03:42 Thanks a lot for your warm and really excited words. I am sorry, I am in the car on my way to a funeral and I already had four funerals, so you will have to excuse me about the condition of my speech. We have, I think, up to this hour, 1 200 murders in Israel, hundreds of Israelis that have been kidnapped by Hamas, and almost 3 000 injured and still in hospital. Some of them will not survive. I speak before you today, deeply sad and really concerned regarding the security situation in Israel...


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