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Ms Zeynep YILDIZ

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AK Party

Türkiye Büyük Millet Meclisi (TBMM)
TR - 06543 - ANKARA

Working language: English

Declarations of interests:
2021 , 2020


In the political groups

  • Member: Members not belonging to a Political Group since 01/07/2019
  • Member: Free Democrats Group from 08/10/2018 to 30/06/2019

In the Assembly

  • since 08/10/2018 Substitute - Turkey

In the committee(s) and sub-committee(s)

  • Alternate of Mr Yıldırım Tuğrul TÜRKEŞ (Full Member): Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy (from 30/09/2019 to 14/09/2020)
  • Alternate of Mr Yıldırım Tuğrul TÜRKEŞ (Full Member): Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons (from 30/09/2019 to 14/09/2020)


Last speeches

30/09/2021 | 17:53:35 Dear President, dear colleagues, I would like to thank the rapporteur for preparing this high-quality report in such a short period. The Assembly's contribution to the second additional protocol to the Convention on Cybercrime on enhanced co-operation and disclosure of electronic evidence carries utmost importance as cybercrimes' importance increases every day in our digitally connected world. There is an urgent need to address important challenges for the investigation of cybercrimes, such... 28/09/2021 | 11:59:15 Thank you. Dear President, Dear Colleagues, Socio-economic inequalities have risen in Europe gradually but surely since the mid-1980s. With the increased adoption of market-oriented policies in sectors such as education and health, divergences in quality and accessibility of social services have also increased. Concerns over inequalities have further surged in the aftermath of the post-2008 financial crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic. As the socio-economic inequalities are deepening, the need... 27/09/2021 | 19:39:07 (Undelivered speech, Rules of Procedure Art. 31.2) Dear President, Dear Colleagues, Let me start by expressing my disappointment about the report. To my knowledge, this report is the first official report which will be adopted by PACE as well as other international organizations in the aftermath of the 44-day war. For this reason, our expectation from this report was a complete and fair description of the humanitarian consequences of the conflict and true account of how the conflict between... 28/01/2021 | 13:31:26 (Undelivered speech, Rules of Procedure Art. 31.2) Dear President, Dear Colleagues, I appreciate the work done by the rapporteur. His report objectively outlines how ethnic profiling can encounter an ordinary person in his or her daily life. It is beyond doubt that the ethnic profiling is an insidious type of racial discrimination that affects the lives of millions. I do regard this issue significant and it is worth to pay special attention since it results in breach of fundamental human... 27/01/2021 | 11:15:59 Thank you, Mister President. Dear Colleagues, The COVID-19 pandemic is the defining global health crisis of our time and the greatest challenge we have faced since World War II. Since its emergence in Asia late last year, the virus has spread to every continent except Antarctica. Vaccines are giving us real hope of bringing the pandemic under control in the next 12 months and returning life to a semblance of normal. One year on since the WHO issued is first disease outbreak news about this...