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Ms Mariia MEZENTSEVA (Ukraine, EPP/CD)


In the political groups

  • Vice-Chairperson: Group of the European People's Party since 15/06/2021
  • Member: Group of the European People's Party from 27/01/2020 to 14/06/2021

In the Assembly

  • since 27/01/2020 Representative - Ukraine

In the committee(s) and sub-committee(s)

  • Chairperson: Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination (since 23/01/2023)
  • Chairperson of the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination: Bureau of the Assembly (since 23/01/2023)
  • Chairperson of the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination: Standing Committee (since 23/01/2023)
  • Ex officio (Rule 44.1 of the Rules of Procedure): Committee on the Election of Judges to the European Court of Human Rights (since 23/01/2023)
  • Chairperson of national delegation: Standing Committee (since 11/01/2021)
  • Full Member: Committee on Migration, Refugees and Displaced Persons (since 27/01/2020)
  • Ex officio: Sub-Committee on Gender Equality (since 23/01/2023)
  • Ex officio: Sub-Committee on the Rights of Minorities (since 23/01/2023)
  • Ex officio: Sub-Committee on Disability, Multiple and Intersectional Discrimination (since 23/01/2023)
  • Vice-Chairperson: Sub-Committee on Diasporas and Integration (from 28/04/2022 to 22/01/2023)
  • Full Member: Sub-Committee on Diasporas and Integration (since 30/01/2020)
  • Alternate of Ms Maryna BARDINA (Full Member): Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination (since 27/01/2020)


Last speeches

24/01/2024 | 16:34:24 Thank you, Mr President [in French]. Dear Secretary-General, Dear colleagues, It is very important to talk today about the challenges that we are all facing, a very powerful organisation which unites 37 of the largest, most prosperous economies on the globe made a [call], as well as our organisation did, and in the fall of 2022 responded to the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine by not saying yes to the application of Russia, which it made in 2014 to join the organisation.  On the contrary... 13/10/2023 | 10:34:06 Thank you, dear President. Colleagues, I would like to start with statistics. We're now talking about the person who actually influenced each and every person's life in this room, outside of the hall, and in the whole world. The UN calculated that the war of aggression of Russia and Putin himself, because he planned it and executed it since 2014 against Ukraine, in 2008 against Georgia back in the days against Abkhazia and many other countries. It has influenced 1.8 billion people in 94... 12/10/2023 | 16:52:31 Yes, I'm here. Thank you, dear Chairwoman. Thank you, Ingjerd. Good afternoon, dear colleagues. I think it's extremely important to mention one of the historical moments of these two important resolutions. Today, for this fact, I am wearing a dress from the 1930s of the last century, which was made and embroidered by my great-grandmother who survived two waves of great famine, of great starvation during the Stalin regime in Ukraine in the 20th century. She raised three children, one of whom... 11/10/2023 | 19:56:37 Absolutely, dear Chairman, Thank you, thank you, dear President. Dear Madam Béatrice FRESKO-ROLFO, I would like to thank you for your tremendous work on behalf of the Committee, for the work of the Secretariat, which exhaustively helped to improve this report, and to all those, Ian and Etilda, who have submitted four Amendments, which were adopted unanimously, one of which has already been taken on board by the Ukrainian Parliament for the legislation, to rule actually for those victims to... 23/06/2023 | 12:48:26 Thank you, Madam President. What a great file to finalise our summer part-session, colleagues. This is so brilliant that we have young people, business people, people who are actually electing us to be voting for this important files, and to discuss this issue today. On behalf of the Committee, I would like to say that this file has been very properly prepared and supported by the Secretariat, supported by the Committee already in April. A funny thing just happened. My internet ran out, and I...