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Mr Bernard SABELLA (Palestine)

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Palestinian Legislative Council
PS - - Ramallah

Working language: English


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  • since 20/04/2022 Representative - Palestine
  • from 10/05/2021 to 23/01/2022 Representative - Palestine
  • from 21/01/2013 to 24/01/2021 Representative - Palestine
  • from 23/01/2012 to 20/01/2013 Representative - Palestine

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25/04/2023 | 19:41:52 Thank you. Thank you madam rapporteur for bringing this issue, partners for democracy, to the table at a time when Europe is so concerned with its own problems. It seems that when you look at the agenda of the Council of Europe, it seems that the internal problems of Europe are really the problem. But the report points out that there are other people and other places also. And so thank you for bringing this to attention and to sensitise the members of the Parliamentary Assembly. For us in... 30/01/2020 | 19:50:17 (Undelivered speech, Rules of Procedure Art. 31.2) The Middle East is in need of healing both internally and externally. We as citizens of that region not only are perplexed by what is happening but feel worried that with Arab weakness, powerful regional and international actors take over without respect to the needs and rights of ordinary people. The malaise in the Middle East puts more urgent need for healing. Unfortunately, the recent peace plan by president Trump puts the Middle East... 26/06/2019 | 11:39:06 Thank you, Mr Chair. Thank you, Ms Rapporteur, for a comprehensive report on a difficult subject and for your recommendations. While the topic is coercion versus consent - specifically as you addressed in Europe - this human rights infraction, when coercive approaches are used in mental health treatment, applies as well to other societies outside of Europe. In Palestine, we have over a number of years had an increase in psychosocial disorders and of mental disorders due to the situation of...