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Situation in Cyprus (recent political developments)

Resolution 1054 (1995)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 2 February 1995 (7th Sitting) (see Doc. 7206, report of the Political Affairs Committee, rapporteur: Lord Finsberg). Text adopted by the Assembly on 2 February 1995 (7th Sitting).
1. The Assembly, referring to its Recommendation 1259 (1995) on the situation in Cyprus, declares its continued readiness to contribute to a climate of trust between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. Demilitarisation of the island is essential to this purpose.
2. Promoting dialogue between the representatives of both communities should be a permanent endeavour of all members of the Assembly.
3. The Assembly gives its full backing to the efforts of the Secretary General of the United Nations to progress towards a comprehensive solution of the Cyprus problem and considers that the "confidence-building measures" he proposed constitute the best prospect for a settlement, on which foundation further progress can be made.
4. It invites the leaders of both communities to look forward, whilst drawing lessons from the past, when considering the proposals of the Secretary General of the United Nations.
5. The Assembly reiterates that the only state recognised by the United Nations and the Council of Europe is the Republic of Cyprus, but notes that at present the voice of the Turkish Cypriot community is not heard in the Organisation.
6. The Assembly therefore decides:
6.1 to continue to monitor very closely the confidence-building efforts of the Secretary General of the United Nations;
6.2 to invite representatives of political parties of the two communities, when considered appropriate, to attend committee meetings, on an ad hoc basis, when they deal with issues directly concerning Cyprus;
6.3 to encourage its members, when visiting Cyprus, particularly to meet with political leaders and representatives of youth organisations of both communities;
6.4 to call upon all its members, in accordance with United Nations resolutions, to refrain from any actions that could be interpreted as extending recognition to the entity in the occupied part of Cyprus.