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The impact of the global economic crisis on migration in Europe

Recommendation 1910 (2010)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 27 April 2010 (13th Sitting) (see Doc. 12200, report of the Committee on Migration, Refugees and Population, rapporteur: Mr Agramunt Font de Mora; and Doc. 12217, opinion of the Committee on Economic Affairs and Development, rapporteur: Mr Lindblad). Text adopted by the Assembly on 27 April 2010 (13th Sitting).
1 The Parliamentary Assembly refers to its Resolution 1718 (2010) on the impact of the global economic crisis on migration in Europe.
2 The Assembly considers that the Council of Europe is well positioned to contribute by its own standards and expertise to the global debate on how to best relieve the impact of the current economic and employment crisis on migrants. In this context, it draws attention to the Organisation’s previous work in strengthening the rights of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers and in encouraging their effective integration.
3 Consequently, the Assembly recommends that the Committee of Ministers:
3.1 bring the recommendations contained in the aforementioned resolution to the attention of the governments of member states;
3.2 encourage all member states to accede to and implement the relevant Council of Europe conventions ensuring the protection of migrant workers;
3.3 instruct the European Committee on Migration (CDMG) to issue a policy paper on the consequences of the global crisis on migration in the 47 member states of the Council of Europe, bringing together, inter alia, relevant quantitative and empirical data on the effects of the current crisis on migration flows, unemployment rates among migrants, remittance flows as well as policy responses from all member states of the Council of Europe;
3.4 further develop measures to promote and protect the human rights of particularly vulnerable migrants and those in need of protection;
3.5 step up the Organisation’s work in the field of integration of migrants in European societies;
3.6 further develop anti-discrimination and awareness-raising programmes fostering tolerance and respect towards cultural diversity and recognising the positive contribution of migrants to society.