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04/12/2023 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 15875

The Istanbul Convention: progress and challenges

04/12/2023 Reply to Recommendation Doc. 15874

Safe third countries for asylum seekers

04/12/2023 Reply to Written question Doc. 15873

Lack of action in Malta after the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia

28/11/2023 Report on credentials Doc. 15862

Examination of credentials of representatives and substitutes

28/11/2023 Resolution Res. 2523

Institutional racism of law enforcement authorities against Roma and Travellers

Author(s): Parliamentary Assembly

28/11/2023 Recommendation Rec. 2264

Heritable genome editing in human beings

Author(s): Parliamentary Assembly

17/11/2023 Written question Doc. 15864

Results of the investigation into the Melilla tragedy

Author(s): Laura CASTEL

17/11/2023 Written question Doc. 15863

Persecution of political parties in Europe

Author(s): Laura CASTEL