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28/04/2023 | 10:30:34 Thank you Chairman, thank you to the speakers. I want to immediately address my thanks to the speakers Mr Andrej HUNKO and Mr Joseph O'REILLY, and also to Mr Viorel-Riceard BADEA who previously worked on this, as well as to the officials. I take this opportunity to thank everybody immediately for the work of these months. I understand that it is not easy to approach what the issues and dynamics of a small state like San Marino are, which has 34 000 inhabitants, a size and interpersonal... 25/01/2023 | 19:22:12 Thank you president, And thank you to the three colleagues who brought these reports, because the right of every woman to live in safety, in full freedom, free from all forms of violence is not only the right of every woman, but a human right which countries should protect. And so it becomes important to continue to urge those countries that have not yet joined to sign, ratify in their parliaments the Istanbul Convention. We start with the understanding that if we want to win the battle... 15/03/2022 | 19:05:29 Thank you, President. Dear colleagues, Any action that violates international law, that requires the use of arms by those who defend their land, their state is to be condemned in the strongest terms. This far-off war has serious consequences on the civilian population and we are seeing it unfold before our eyes. The violation of human rights, the fear that forces citizens to leave their homes, their families and flee to escape from violence.  The Republic of San Marino does not intend to look...