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Climate change: there is no ‘planet B’

"The Paris Agreement embodies a global solution for the climate and represents a beacon for action at national, sub-national to local and international levels”, Lord John Prescott (United Kingdom, SOC) said presenting his report on climate change to the Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development.

"As parliamentarians, we have to deliver on this overwhelming challenge – to anchor a more sustainable future for all of us now," he said.

In the unanimously adopted draft resolution, the committee calls on European countries to set an example by systematically including parliamentarians in their delegations to both global negotiations and prior governmental consultations on the national negotiating position.

"Such closer involvement of legislators should enable better policy coherence with a view to honouring domestic and international commitments under the Paris Agreement, ensuring a more balanced allocation of budgetary resources, and putting into place the legislative framework for green investment,” the committee said.

It calls on Member States, inter alia, to draw up an ambitious national strategy accompanied by a concrete action plan for mainstreaming the Sustainable Development Goals and calls for regular consultations with different stakeholders (civil society, private sector, financial and academic institutions, local and sub-national authorities, and local communities). Finally, it urges the three member States that have not yet ratified the Paris Agreement (Russian Federation, San Marino and Turkey) to do so at the earliest opportunity.