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Artificial intelligence: ‘we need a human rights-sensitive approach’

 The PACE President today called for a more human rights-sensitive approach in the work on artificial intelligence, addressing a Conference organised by the Finnish Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers in Helsinki on ‘Governing the Game Changer – Impacts of artificial intelligence development on human rights, democracy and the rule of law’.

"We need to integrate the human rights dimension in all our work on artificial intelligence, in order to assess the implications - and risks - that technological challenges may pose for our democratic institutions, our fundamental freedoms, as well as than the rule of law. The Council of Europe is in a very good position to launch the idea of a human rights-sensitive approach in the work on artificial intelligence and to implement it," she said.

"I am convinced that, all together, we can ensure that artificial intelligence is an opportunity to make our societies more free, more prosperous and socially just, while at the same time preventing the risks and harmful effects it entails, "concluded Liliane Maury Pasquier.