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Threat to Democracy and Human Rights in Zimbabwe

Motion for a resolution | Doc. 11659 | 24 June 2008

Lord Tim BOSWELL, United Kingdom, EDG ; Mr John AUSTIN, United Kingdom ; Ms Guðfinna S. BJARNADÓTTIR, Iceland ; Mr Christopher CHOPE, United Kingdom, EDG ; Mr James CLAPPISON, United Kingdom ; Mr Telmo CORREIA, Portugal, EDG ; Mr Bill ETHERINGTON, United Kingdom ; Mr Nigel EVANS, United Kingdom ; Mr Paul FLYNN, United Kingdom, SOC ; Mr John GREENWAY, United Kingdom ; Baroness Gloria HOOPER, United Kingdom ; Mr Egidijus KLUMBYS, Lithuania ; Mr Konstantin KOSACHEV, Russian Federation, EDG ; Mr Oleg LEBEDEV, Russian Federation, EDG ; Mr Humfrey MALINS, United Kingdom ; Mr Mikhail MARGELOV, Russian Federation ; Mr Andrew McINTOSH, United Kingdom ; Mr Tuğrul TÜRKEŞ, Turkey, EDG ; Mr Øyvind VAKSDAL, Norway ; Ms Tatiana VOLOZHINSKAYA, Russian Federation, EDG ; Mr Robert WALTER, United Kingdom, EDG ; Mr David WILSHIRE, United Kingdom, EDG ; Ms Karin S. WOLDSETH, Norway
Referred to the Political Affairs Committee, for information: Reference No. 3474 (29th Sitting, 29 September 2008).

The Assembly,

Having regard to the collapse of the democratic process and the imminent threat to human rights in Zimbabwe, culminating in the Mugabe regime’s refusal to surrender power after it lost the first round of elections; instead sending in its agents to terrorise and injure opposition supporters, resulting in their withdrawal from an untenable position in the rerun of that election,

Calls on all member states to acknowledge the threat to the people of that country posed by its own government, and the dangers for the wider international community, and to use all means in their power to bring this matter to a peaceful conclusion, with the restoration of democracy, human rights and the rule of law.