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Construction of a direct railway line for fast traffic from the Mediterranean to Central Europe across the Aurine Alps

Motion for a resolution | Doc. 70 | 17 August 1950

Mr Celeste BASTIANETTO, Italy

The Assembly,

considering that one of the essential factors for bringing about the closer union of the peoples of Europe and the increase and development of their industries consists in the modernisation of the old unplanned systems of communication by means of railway lines providing more direct and more rapid transport, at least along the principal routes;

considering that it is well-known that, in the network of the Central European traffic routes there is at present a lack of a properly planned railway line, taking a normal route from north to south round the arc of the eastern Alps and coming down to the Mediterranean across the great natural canal formed by the Adriatic Sea;

considering that such a combined land and sea route would greatly shorten the uneconomical routes followed up to the present and would open up new horizons to the working classes of a great part of Europe;

decides to invite the governments of Italy, Austria and Germany to come to an agreement with a view to establishing this railway line for rapid transport from the Mediterranean to central Europe across the Aurine Alps, which railway line will provide the most^ economical and geographically shortest route for linking Central Europe with the Mediterranean, and will greatly help European co-operation, since, by means of this main traffic route communications between several European nation will be accelerated ;

decides accordingly to inform the 0. E. E. C. and the E. C. A. of this decision which has been taken for the foregoing purpose.