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Protection of the urban architecture of Korcha, Albania

Motion for a resolution | Doc. 12403 | 12 October 2010

Mr Edward O'HARA, United Kingdom ; Lord Donald ANDERSON, United Kingdom, SOC ; Mr John AUSTIN, United Kingdom ; Lord Tim BOSWELL, United Kingdom, EDG ; Ms Claire CURTIS-THOMAS, United Kingdom ; Mr Bill ETHERINGTON, United Kingdom ; Mr John GREENWAY, United Kingdom ; Mr Oliver HEALD, United Kingdom, EDG ; Ms Cecilia KEAVENEY, Ireland, ALDE ; Ms Muriel MARLAND-MILITELLO, France, EPP/CD ; Ms Christine McCAFFERTY, United Kingdom ; Sir Alan MEALE, United Kingdom, SOC ; Mr Kent OLSSON, Sweden ; Ms Elsa PAPADIMITRIOU, Greece, EPP/CD ; Mr Christos POURGOURIDES, Cyprus, EPP/CD ; Mr John PRESCOTT, United Kingdom, SOC ; Mr Fidias SARIKAS, Cyprus, SOC ; Mr Konstantinos VRETTOS, Greece, SOC ; Mr Robert WALTER, United Kingdom, EDG ; Ms Betty WILLIAMS, United Kingdom

Korcha is the largest city in south-east Albania. Its importance derives from the connection with Ilyas Panarity (later Ilyas Bey Myrahor), a local resident who became the first Janissary to pass through the breached walls of the Topkapi at the fall of Constantinople in 1453, and from its ascendancy as a regional trading entrepot after the sacking of nearby Moschopolis (Voskopoja) by the troops of Ali Pasha in 1788.

The significant history of Korcha between the 15th and 20th centuries is reflected in its distinctive mix of urban architecture, including Balkan, eastern, western, northern, neoclassical and modern styles.

This urban architecture is at risk from insensitive restoration and inappropriate development.

The Parliamentary Assembly calls upon the Government of Albania and the municipal authorities of Korcha to protect the urban architecture of the city.