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Safeguarding children and young people from obesity and type 2 diabetes

Reply to Recommendation | Doc. 12800 | 23 November 2011

Committee of Ministers
adopted at the 1126th meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies (16 November 2011) 2012 - First part-session
Reply to Recommendation
: Recommendation 1966 (2011)
1. The Committee of Ministers has considered Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1966 (2011) on “Safeguarding children and young people from obesity and type 2 diabetes” and has forwarded it to the relevant intergovernmental bodies.Note It considers the work carried out by the Assembly as a valuable and comprehensive overview of current issues concerning challenges in nutritional policy and the way the situation is tackled by the member states. It has brought it to the attention of governments of member states to bear in mind as appropriate when responding to emerging public health problems.
2. In reply to the specific recommendations, the Committee of Ministers considers that the fundamental WHO policy documents in the field, referred to in the Resolution, and possibly supplemented by the recent WHO Draft Global Nutrition Policy Review (20 December 2010), give sufficient guidelines to member states to intensify prevention of obesity and type 2 diabetes. In addition, it recalls that the international community (WHO as well as WHO EURO) has already agreed on several other instruments to prevent obesity and non-communicable diseases (including diabetes), such as the Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health, the Action Plan for the Global Strategy for the Prevention and Control of NCDs, or the Second WHO European Action Plan for Food and Nutrition Policy 2007-2012.
3. The Committee of Ministers therefore sees no added-value in developing new guidelines to prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes as this would risk a duplication of work carried out in other organisations.