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Parliamentary contribution to solving the Western Sahara conflict

Motion for a resolution | Doc. 12603 | 19 April 2011

several Assembly members
Ms Liliane MAURY PASQUIER, Switzerland, SOC ; Mr Pedro AGRAMUNT, Spain, EPP/CD ; Ms Anne BRASSEUR, Luxembourg, ALDE ; Mr Arcadio DÍAZ TEJERA, Spain, SOC ; Mr Jean-Charles GARDETTO, Monaco, EPP/CD ; Mr Andreas GROSS, Switzerland, SOC ; Ms Sinikka HURSKAINEN, Finland, SOC ; Mr Tadeusz IWIŃSKI, Poland, SOC ; Mr Albrecht KONEČNÝ, Austria, SOC ; Mr Tiny KOX, Netherlands, UEL ; Ms Kerstin LUNDGREN, Sweden, ALDE ; Mr Pietro MARCENARO, Italy, SOC ; Ms Christine MARIN, France, EPP/CD ; Mr Jean-Claude MIGNON, France, EPP/CD ; Mr João Bosco MOTA AMARAL, Portugal, EPP/CD ; Mr Ivan POPESCU, Ukraine, SOC ; Mr Leonid SLUTSKY, Russian Federation, SOC ; Mr Björn von SYDOW, Sweden, SOC ; Mr Luca VOLONTÈ, Italy, EPP/CD ; Mr Hansjörg WALTER, Switzerland, ALDE

The Parliamentary Assembly is currently considering a request for partner for democracy status submitted by the Parliament of Morocco.

Granting this status will allow the Assembly to follow in more detail, against the background of the core values defended by the Council of Europe, the various aspects of the situation in Morocco.

One of the issues which the Assembly has to pay attention to is the respect of human rights in the context of the unsettled conflict in the Western Sahara.

The Assembly therefore resolves to follow up closely this issue, and asks its relevant Committee to prepare a specific report on it.

Moreover, the Assembly must also make use of the new possibilities for enhanced dialogue with the Parliament of Morocco, which the granting of partner for democracy status would create, in order to strengthen the parliamentary contribution to the process of searching for a just, lasting and mutually acceptable political solution of the long overdue issue of Western Sahara in the framework of the United Nations.