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Safety factor in the construction and design of vehicles

Recommendation 413 (1965)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 27th January 1965 (21st Sitting) (see Doc. 1817, report of the Economic Committee). Text adopted by the Assembly on 28th January 1965 (22nd Sitting).

The Assembly.

1. Recalling Order No. 205 adopted on 21st September 1962 which instructs the Economic Committee to undertake a study on "the safety factor in vehicle design and construction";
2. Considering that the efforts made by national authorities, manufacturers and private organisations to increase the safety of vehicles must be supported and should be co-ordinated at international level ;
3. Desirous of drawing the attention of the authorities and manufacturers to the technical problems connected with the improvement of safety in vehicle design and construction ;
4. Emphasising that it is first of all encumbent upon the specialised official and private bodies to take effective steps in the public interest to improve the construction of road vehicles in the interests of the safety of road users,
5. Recommends the Committee of Ministers :
to transmit the report (Doc. 1817):
a to Governments of member States for the attention of public authorities, private associations and firms concerned ;
b o OECD requesting it to submit the said report to its Group of Experts on Road Safety Research for Opinion ; and
c to ECMT for information ;
to instruct the Secretariat to examine, in liaison with the competent international organisations, what measures could be taken to further the elaboration of precise recommendations to Governments for the improvement of safety in vehicle design and construction, and as a second step to study the possibility of drawing up conventions or agreements on these matters.