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Measures to make the European Convention on Human Rights more fully effective

Recommendation 416 (1965)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 28th January 1965 (23rd Sitting) (see Doc. 1859, report of the Legal Committee). Text adopted by the Assembly on 28th January 1965 (23rd Sitting).

The Assembly,

1. Recalling with satisfaction that the European Convention on Human Rights has now been in force for eleven years ;

2. Concurring with the opinion expressed at the Ceremonial Sitting on 18th September 1963 by the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers that the Council's work for the protection of human rights "constitutes one of the major achievements of the Council of Europe" and is "the fruit of a happy partnership between four organs, the Assembly, the Committee of Ministers, the Commission and the Court"

3. Considering however that, although there is ground for legitimate satisfaction, much remains to be done to make the Convention fully effective ;

4. Congratulating the Secretary-General on his action taken under Article 57 of the Convention inviting High Contracting Parties to explain the manner in which their internal law ensures the effective implementation of the Convention;

5. Having considered the report of the Legal Committee (Doc. 1859),

Recommends the Committee of Ministers :

6. to invite the Governments of States which are Parties to the Convention but which have not accepted the right of individual petition or the compulsory jurisdiction of the Court to re-examine their position in this respect, by considering what would be the probable consequences for them of accepting these optional provisions, in the light of the actual experience gained from the operation of the Convention over the last eleven years ;

7. to invite the Governments of all States which are Parties to the Convention to appoint one of their officials (preferably from the Ministry of Justice) to fulfil the functions of national correspondent in human rights matters, with the task of communicating to the Directorate of Human Rights of the Council of Europe any decisions taken by national courts interpreting or relevant to the Convention and keeping it informed of any legal publications in the country concerned with regard to human rights;

8. to invite all member Governments to communicate to the Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, for the information of the organs of the Convention, copies of the triennial reports which they submit to the United Nations on developments and progress in the sphere of human rights, in accordance with Resolution 624 B (XXII) of the Economic and Social Council.