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Honouring of obligations and commitments by Ukraine

Recommendation 1538 (2001)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 27 September 2001 (30th and 31st Sittings) (see Doc. 9226, report of the Committee on the Honouring of Obligations and Commitments by Member States of the Council of Europe, co-rapporteurs: Mrs Severinsen and Mrs Wohlwend). Text adopted by the Assembly on 27 September 2001 (31st Sitting).
1. The Parliamentary Assembly refers to its Resolution 1262 (2001) on the honouring of obligations and commitments by Ukraine.
2. In the light of the considerations stated in this resolution, the Assembly informs the Committee of Ministers that, since the adoption of Resolution 1244 (2001), Ukraine has, indeed, made substantial progress towards the honouring of its obligations and commitments before the Council of Europe. Therefore, the Assembly resolves that in the event that Ukraine should manage to fulfil the remaining commitments by the January 2002 part-session, it will propose terminating the formal monitoring procedure, while continuing the ongoing dialogue with the Ukrainian authorities concerning broader problem areas that have been identified and still need to be addressed.
3. The Assembly recommends that the Committee of Ministers:
3.1 encourage the Ukrainian authorities to strengthen co-operation with the Council of Europe in order to ensure full compatibility of Ukrainian legislation and practice with the Organisation’s principles and standards, especially with standards guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights and the Strasbourg Court’s case-law;
3.2 call on the Ukrainian authorities to initiate, if necessary, a new investigation into the disappearance and death of Mr Heorhiy Gongadze, and to set up an independent commission of enquiry including international investigators for this purpose, and ask the governments of the member states of the Council of Europe to propose assistance by their investigators;
3.3 intensify the co-operation programmes between the Council of Europe and Ukraine, notably for the implementation of the action plan for the media proposed by the Secretariat, with a view to assisting the Ukrainian authorities in their efforts to accomplish the difficult transition to democracy and to secure fundamental rights and liberties, particularly as regards freedom of expression and the media;
3.4 devise specific co-operation activities to assist in the implementation of the European Charter of Local Self-Government, and in strengthening the development of local democracy in Ukraine (both the legislative and regulatory framework and the training of those responsible within local self-government entities);
3.5 work out specific programmes for developing democratic behaviour and practices amongst the political leaders and the public at large.