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Human rights and foreign policy

Recommendation 2004 (2012)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 3 October 2012 (33rd Sitting) (see Doc. 13020, report of the Committee on Political Affairs and Democracy, rapporteur: Mr Marcenaro). Text adopted by the Assembly on 3 October 2012 (33rd Sitting).
1. The Parliamentary Assembly, referring to its Resolution 1901 (2012) on human rights and foreign policy, believes that the systematic and structural promotion of democracy and human rights should be fully integrated into any foreign policy strategy, be it at the national, European or international level.
2. The Assembly welcomes the recent progress that has been made on the implementation of a Council of Europe policy towards neighbouring regions.
3. The Assembly recommends that the Committee of Ministers invite Council of Europe member States to:
3.1 strive to ensure greater consistency between the democratic and human rights principles that they have vowed to respect internally and the conduct of their external relations and foreign policy strategies;
3.2 implement the recommendations contained in Resolution 1901 (2012), where they have not already done so, in particular with regard to specific initiatives of their foreign affairs ministries and their diplomatic services.
4. The Assembly stresses that the recent creation of the European External Action Service represents a unique opportunity to improve the relationship between human rights and foreign policy that should not be missed.