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Good governance and enhanced quality in education

Recommendation 2054 (2014)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 30 September 2014 (31st Sitting) (see Doc. 13585, report of the Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media, rapporteur: Mr Paolo Corsini). Text adopted by the Assembly on 30 September 2014 (31st Sitting).
1. The Parliamentary Assembly, referring to its Resolution 2013 (2014) on good governance and enhanced quality in education, believes that enhancing the quality of education should be fully integrated into the design of education policies at national, European and international levels.
2. The Assembly underlines the value of tools developed at international level to assess the quality of education systems and considers that the Council of Europe should play a greater role in encouraging the development of national policies coherent with the findings of international quality assurance programmes and in supporting member States in their implementation.
3. The Assembly welcomes the proposals put forward by the Conference of Ministers of Education held in Helsinki on 26 and 27 April 2013 and urges the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe to ensure adequate follow-up to these proposals.
4. In addition, the Assembly recommends that the Committee of Ministers instruct the Steering Committee for Educational Policy and Practice (CDPPE) to analyse the relevance and impact of the existing national and international quality assessment instruments in the field of education, seeking to identify ways of reinforcing co-operation and synergies between the Council of Europe member States and of increasing the competitiveness of European education at global level.
5. The Assembly recommends that the Committee of Ministers consider establishing a permanent committee of experts on higher education.